Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Birth of the Blog

Welcome to The Design Pages. I offer you my most humble gratitude for visiting me and will be forever indebted to you if you become a follower. There may be candy given out later as well but I won't swear to anything right now.
So why a blog? I'm preparing myself to answer the question from family and friends so here it is...I've got a lot to say, plain and simple. For those of you who already know me you know very well that design is my life. Not just my means of earning a few bucks but an obsession and a passion. I am the person who notices all the design details in the really bad movies. I am the person who will redecorate your bookshelf while you go to freshen up my glass of wine and I am the person that simply can't leave the furniture alone in my house. It's a disease.
So enough of the talk. Let me introduce myself in the most important way which is through my love of design. These are just some of the things that I love:

1/ Knoll Barcelona Chair

I hate to start this way but I have to say that I'm really sick of all the knock off Barcelona chairs that I see today. Yes, I can see why companies are knocking it off, it's a great chair. The unfortunate thing is that the chair that is knocked off doesn't feel like a Barcelona chair and for the most part it doesn't look like a Barcelona chair. It's all the in details and only the licensed version is the real thing.

2/ Awesome Chandeliers

Just as with the perfect little dress there must be the perfect bling so goes the chandelier to the room. Lighting in general is essential to all good design but the chandelier can be the accessory to a room that makes it sparkle and look like a superstar instead of a dowdy housewife. It doesn't need to cost a lot either. Pick one up at a garage sale and transform it into a piece of art.

2/ Danish Teak Furniture

I have acquired a couple of very beautiful teak pieces over the last few years and love them every day. I will not remind myself of how many times my mother offered me her teak dining set and bedroom set when I was a 20-something. I lived in a 1 bedroom city apartment and had neither the room nor the inclination to include teak furniture into my "I'm way too cool for teak" look that I had going on. Don't even ask where those pieces ended up.


  1. I like Ikea. It's like the next-door neighbour of Danish teak!

  2. Danish teak and IKEA could make for a great blog on high/low shopping. Thanks Calvin.

  3. My mom offered me a few pieces and I painted over them! Ahh!


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