Monday, March 29, 2010

Colour, Colour, Colour

Photo from House & Home Magazine

With the onset of spring comes the reawakening of our passion for colour. Away with the drab and dreary. It's time to be swaddled in sunshine yellow and grass green and sea blue and red and pink and on and on. My daughter always asks me what my favourite colour is and then stares dumbfounded when I tell her I don't have one. I love all the colours I try to explain but that does not suffice. I must commit and proudly announce to the world that "I love pink". If that colour should change the following day this is perfectly okay. It's just about the commitment at that particular moment.

This is not unlike a colour consultation that I would do with a client. It's hard to do it but you must commit. You can't change your mind the following day so it's a little trickier. Clients will be found in one camp or the other...those who love colour and those who are terrified of colour. Do you know which one you are? Believe it or not, the more difficult of the 2 is the client who loves colour. It's hard to contain that enthusiasm and develop a palette for the home that is livable and peaceful while being fun and adventurous enough for these colour enthusiasts.

So what to do if you're one of those that never met a colour you didn't love? Start by analyzing your room. There are colour cues all around you...look hard and you will see them. What colour exists that will not be leaving? Do you have a green sofa that you won't be able to part with anytime soon? Do you have eye catching art that demands to be the star of the room? Whatever it is, use this as your cue for the direction of the room's palette. If your green furniture is staying put, learn how to work with it. If you want a big punch of colour in addition to your green sofa consider a Harmonious colour scheme. These are ones that chose colours that are side by side on the colour wheel. These allow you to use more than one (usually 3) colours that are vibrant and bold but it still remains peaceful and easy to live with. Don't forget to add lots of neutrals to these rooms. Grey, black and white are perfect for calming the loud and the bold.

Tune in again soon for more tips on colour and design.

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