Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Be Sassy this Spring

oday I spent a magnificent day skiing with Offspring #1 at Whistler.  It was very likely (but not definitely) the last ski day of the season.  That thought made me very sad as we said our sad goodbyes to the mountain, the gondola, the restaurants and our favourite places to stay.

I was able to move on when I realized that the end of ski season means that I can now embrace spring in  all its glory.  Our drive back to Vancouver is always breathtaking because of the beauty of the mountains and the ocean that surround us.  It's a wonder anyone can navigate their way home with all the sights that there are to gawk at.  Something else caught my eye today...colour.  Green is a year round colour in the west but the pinks and yellows and even the browns caught my eye in the blazing sunshine today.  Ahhh, spring.  My favourite time of year.

Here is my inspiration room that I have put together as a tribute to spring.  I'll also think of it as my love letter to winter.  I love you winter but only spring can be this sassy.

Clockwise:  Striped Pillow - $30, Chandelier - $475, Filigran Black Vase -, Coffee Table - $605, White Frame Planter, Star Jewelry Box - $365, Candle Tubes - €129,  Eileen Gray table - $199, Seven Chair - $2,765, Florence Knoll sofa - $9,042, Clock - unknown source

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