Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Lesson on Lucite

Recently I bought a couple of sets of  Lucite nesting tables which I had been coveting for
some time. My husband referred to them as the new "plastic" tables which made me cringe as it makes them sound so cheap and ordinary, doesn't it?   Well, technically they are plastic but if you don't mind, I'd prefer if you call them Lucite.

Lucite is the brand name of a polyacrylic discovered by DuPont in the 1930's. At approximately the same time that Lucite was discovered a company by the name of Rohm & Haas Chemical Company discovered a similar product and called it Plexiglass. Both of these brand names fall under the category of "acrylic" which is technically a type of plastic. Acrylic is the clearest of plastics and about 8 times clearer than glass.  It has good strength but is breakable (under extreme duress I would say).  Acrylic is fairly rigid but will flex much more than glass. That's why it's a good choice for not only jewelry and home accessories but also furniture.

So why do we love Lucite?  Well let's take a little look, shall we?

There can be no other way to begin a discussion on Lucite furnishings than to go straight to Philippe Stark and his modern twist on the Louis XV chair.

Did I mention that Lucite doesn't have to be clear?  This oh-so-very-lovely red tray can help you deliver your drinks or can be super stylish just hanging about on the table.

This 1960's German chandelier in yellow Lucite still looks fantastic after all those years.  Someone I know very, very well was born in the 60's so watch what you say.

Yes, these are vases but a vase as lovely as this really doesn't need flowers.  Maybe just a single flower or a green leaf.  

Glam up your dinner party with these vintage Lucite napkin rings.  No need to worry about what napkins you're using...they go with everything.  

Thanks Lucite for being so strong and beautiful and so absolutely easy to live with every single day.  We can't say that about too many things, can we?

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  1. Lucite chairs are the devil's playthings. Yup, nothing I like better than getting up from a plastic chair with a terminal case of swass.


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