Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Little Pillow Talk

Like many of you, I am constantly on the hunt for a great pillow.  I work on a variety of interior design projects but regardless of how big or small the project, there is always this question, "Do you know where to get some great pillows?"  Pillows, like so many of our other fantastic accessories, truly can finish off the room.  We're nothing without them.  That fantastic sofa that cost us a full month's salary sits bare and hopeless without the pillow.  

So what's the problem in finding a pillow?  Colour, pattern, size, embellishment and comfort are all things to be considered when the search begins.  I often encourage clients to purchase fabric and have the pillows made to their specification in order to put an end to the unrelenting pounding of the pavement that is required in order to find the "perfect" pillow.  Pillow shopping is not for the faint of heart.  Shops are overrun with ordinary pillows but where do we find that gem?  Come on a little tour with me and we'll see some of the most unusual pillows that design has to offer.

Created by Mexican desiner Ximana Orozco from old wool jackets these pillows are unique and stylish  

Merino wool. mohair, cotton, llama are a few of the materials used in the laurensaunders Deisgn Series collection

Danish retailer Ferm Living has an outstanding collection of unique pillows

Designed by Scottish textile artist Sarah Campbell, pillows are just part of her lovely collection.  Check her out at

Silkscreened images on cotton by American designer at

Have you found a pillow you couldn't live without?  Let me know about it.


  1. Not such a fan of pillows per say. They get covered in cat hair (or gack) and tossed on the floor whenever someone wants to sit. However, I love, love, LOVE the bird motif!!! I recently ordered a messenger bag with a similar image!

  2. Thanks for the link Calvin. I love the bag!!!

  3. They have awesome wallets, too (I ordered one for Mrs. Slater and one for wee Slater.)


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