Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Find Your Inner Design Voice

Maybe we're reading too many design magazines or watching too much HGTV.  Whatever the case, the truth is that we have lost our inner design voice.  You know the one that tells you to hang your kids artwork in the kitchen.  Or the one that tells you to display your conch shell from your last beach vacation.  I'm not saying you should do either of these things (or maybe you should) but the reality is that we are so hypnotized by the pretty pictures that we have forgotten what makes the most beautiful design of all...our stuff.  Check out some fab homes that are able to combine great design with family treasures.

Blogger Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms found a a perfect solution for hanging kids artwork while maintaining the clean, modern look of her home.

Collections are a great way to show off your personality.  The key to collections though is to have more than 1!!!  Maintain a theme through colour or texture.  If one of these pieces was on it's own, it would have no impact whatsoever.  Look for pieces along your way that you love and build a collection around that.

Use artwork that you love and that reflects your unique personality.  It doesn't need to be expensive or rare but it should absolutely be something that makes you smile when you walk through your door.  
Lonny Magazine

Give a nod to your past with something you reclaimed from Grandma's attic.  If you have a childhood memento, by all means incorporate it.  We're all going to be envious of your antique sewing machine as opposed to your big box store acquisition.  Be confident that your "old" things can be used to decorate.  If the dresser you had as a kid is still functional but dated, freshen it up with paint.  The point is to use the things that matter.  There's nothing wrong with a little facelift along the way.  Use these tips to create a home that invites people to get to know who you are.  It makes your home so much more interesting to be in.
Style at Home


  1. I think you have a point here, its hard to stay true to yourself when there is so much OUT THERE!
    Thanks for including my image using children's art in your post and I am loving the fork in the kitchen image, very dramatic!

  2. Sometimes I get so caught up in having a "designed" home, I really do forget to keep the personal parts of my life in. Thanks for the remnder! And the blog is simply gorgeous!

  3. Wow, love the fork in the kitchen image! Very stylish! I think I will try this in my kitchen too! By the way thanks for the comment on my blog the other day! It made me smile! I will add you to my linklist and come back soon here.


    Lise M.

  4. This was so great! Love to hang my children's artwork too.

  5. I agree! I try to mix design stuff and my personal stuff. In our bathroom, I framed an award that I got when I was in 2nd grade for "Good Artwork." Above that, I have a caricature of my husband done when he was about 5 framed. It's those little touches that make our home OUR home!


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