Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party Invitations

How to Start the Party off Right Before the Party Begins

I am so planning a party now that I've discovered Downloand & Print.  This is a site that allows you to download and customize a perfectly gorgeous invitation for any occasion...thank you Anna Skye for being so generous with your lovely designs.  I hadn't really been planning to have a party but this is all it takes for me.  I'm crazy about invitations.  I rarely receive one.  It isn't that I don't get invited places.  I really, really do.  It's perhaps more to do with the fact that we're all busy.  Too busy to go looking for sassy party invitations, right? Well now you have no excuse.  

Have you ever wanted to plan the perfect party, looked everywhere for the best invitation and then ended up calling all your friends because the perfect invitation eluded you?  Well your prayers have been answered and in the most inexpensive of ways to top it all off.

Now the big question will be only which one you will use.  Sooo, should I plan my party first and then chose an invitation or should I chose the invitation and then plan the party?

I don't know about you but all I receive in the mail is junk and bills and I don't want either.  I would be on cloud 9 if I opened my mailbox and found one of these jazzy little guys.  So make sure you send me one...or many!


  1. I totally agree with you! I love getting pretty things in the mail. I wish more people sent written invitations like these.

  2. Love these designs! This is a great source.


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