Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School's Out Baby!

Okay folks, it's that time of year again.  School is out for another year.  Let the wild rumpus begin.  Are you celebrating it's end or are you fear ridden by it's sudden approach?  I have friends who fall into both categories but I will share with you that I am definitely in the celebration camp.  Mind you, this is only the first day.  

So this is how the first day has unfolded so far.  I slept in.  Ahhh, already I love summer.  I spent time lounging around in pj's, sipping coffee and watching my daughter perform various dances and singing a very heartfelt rendition of "Any Dream Will Do" from the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.   My son and husband went to the bank to open up a bank account for my son who has a paper route now and will need somewhere to stash all the bags of money he'll be earning.  Both kids were invited out by friends which left me with time on my hands so I went to the gym.  Only one child has returned home and it's almost dinner time.  Day one has left me looking forward to day two.  

One of the survival strategies I put in place each year that works brilliantly is to create a list for each of the little darlings that includes summer rules.  There is essentially a "must do" category followed by a "don't even think about it" category.  This works because it sets out on paper all the things that we expect and this minimizes the yelling and fighting.  

I am also going to try a new list this year.  I want to create a list of things that the family decides should be done before the end of summer.  It can be simple things like eat ice cream at the beach or it can be more out-of-the-ordinary things such as whale watching.  Once the list is created, it will give us some direction for our long, lazy days.  I know I need that to stay focussed or the summer will slip by.  We will work on our list over the next couple of days but here is my current list that includes both family activities as well as fun without the kids:

- Spend Canada Day at the beach with friends and family listening to Lilith Fair (we decided against the $100 ticket price so we won't see it but certainly will hear it);
- Go to Whistler and try zip lining for the first time;
- Attend Theatre Under the Stars to watch my friend Lori perform;
- Spend a weekend visiting friends Kris, Andy & Piper in the Okanagan;
- Visit Tofino with friends visiting from Ontario;
- Try surfing in Tofino with said friends;
- Go whale watching in Tofino with said friends;
- Visit Ontario;
- Lounge by Ginny & Marty's pool playing lifeguard and bartender.  (Don't worry, all the kids could outswim me any day of the week);
- Go bike riding...lots;
- Increase my running time by 10 minutes;
- Do an art project with the kids (ideas?);
- Cook one meal per week with my daughter;
- Bake a cake;
- Visit Seattle with the family for the first time;
- Go sea kayaking at Deep Cove with the family;
- Read any book on my bookshelf that hasn't been previously read;

So this is the very partial list.  What do you have on your summertime list and what do you think I should add to mine?


  1. o, the image of those kids in the water looks wonderful. looks like your to-do list is a good one. I often find not having a strict summer schedule means I get less done so you are wise to have a list.

    enjoy it all!

    and of course you are still my gal, even if you don't like one of the images I posted. that's what it's all about!

    Happy Summer!

  2. sounds like a good time to me! Thanks for the tip on posting rules. Even though I have only one little monkey it will come in handy!

    Thanks for backing me up on my drape training post :) Its nice to know I'm not alone!

  3. Happy Canada Day!!! The picture is precious and the list looks very nice!

  4. Love the lack of schedules and homework here as well...might have to copy your summer "must do" list idea!

  5. Sounds like fun! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  6. Love this list for summer! We do one every year. A traditional favorite, have Ice Cream for dinner. Sounds silly I know, but boy do my two girls get a kick out of it. They don't realize that I pump them full of raw veggies and fruit all day to make up for it:)

  7. hehe, the wild rumpus is right! hope you don't lose your roaring voice, and if you do - apply gin : )



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