Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink Love

I don't know where men stand on the issue of pink but I do know that women seem to be divided by those who think it's fantastically under appreciated and those who think it's for little girls.

I am in the former group.  I love pink!  I adore pink in fashion and although I don't currently use any pink in my own home design, I would someday like to broach the subject with my husband.  If you are a non believer you probably think it's ridiculous to consider decorating with pink but just like with any colour, we don't cover the walls and furnishings with pink.  Little touches are enough to make a statement and that's really what colour is about.  

While there's really not much pink to speak of in this room, it has a presence because of the white backdrop.

Make pink front and centre with a strong piece of art and you don't need much of it to make a statement.

Just like with any other colour we use, apply different shades of pink to create a layered effect.                                                Photos - Cabbage Rose
You might not own the ultra cool Smeg fridge but why not paint your ugly old white one in a delicious shade of pink for a very modern look in the kitchen.

For great colour combinations, look at these or play with your own inspiration.  

Pink & Grey
Pink & Chocolate
Pink & Lime Green
Pink & Navy


  1. I am with you, pops of pink can be very sophisticated, as long as it's not overdone. I'm more into rose pink rather than sugar pink, these are just gorgeous!

  2. I am tempted to paint my daughters room a deep pink. I love pink. I hope when she is older she does too.

    Found you through the Zhush. Love your blog!

  3. Hi Carol! I spotted your kind comment over on Pepper Design Blog and just wanted to stop by and say thanks :) I'm truly flattered and appreciative that you like Rubie Green and Lonny, and love that you've linked us up in the post below! Thanks for your support, and yes, pink is AMAZING and should definitely be used!!


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