Thursday, June 3, 2010

Which White is Right for You?

I don't think there was ever a time that I didn't like white walls but I love them more as the years go by.  I have learned to understand colour through design and I know that the reason I love white is so that I have a backdrop for the art that I really, really love.  

Besides just liking white, it's important to understand the colour theory (oh, but that's for another post!) as well as what we want out of white.  Is is expected to be self sufficient and carry the show or is simply be the meek and mild wallflower in the corner.  

These are images that I've broken up into categories so that if one strikes your fancy you might better understand what it is you want from your white walls:

Simply Subtle
Do you have a love for the simple, uncluttered and unadorned?  Then white all round with a little help from either one strong colour or pattern is all you need.  But even then, it's moderation baby.  Keep this look as simple as possible because white is the star here.

Bold and Beautiful
This is all about colour.  White is the backdrop for something, furniture or a theme that includes just one great colour and is carried throughout the room in a big and bold way.

White and Wood
This is a match made in heaven.  I've never met a wood that didn't love white.  From shabby chic to the utterly elegant and then to the most eco friendly, white is the quintessential partner to wood.

Photos from this great blog


  1. These are all so great, but white with wood might just be my favorite!

  2. Another very enjoyable and informative post, love the first image. I've never lived in such a space, so much white, I wonder what it would feel like. Light and invigorating I would imagine.

  3. Carol, these photos are stunning. The white furniture and walls in contrast with the dark wood floor and cushions. Can you make my home look like this?

  4. I owned a store that sold a line of colourful glassware. The store was white with a bamboo floor and tons of light. It was a fantastic backdrop for the glassware and made me feel so calm while I was there.
    I'd love to help you Anonymous :)

  5. great post Carol! love the pics you chose to demo the points!

  6. Definitely white and wood! Love that! I saw a great DIY on another blog using plywood strips as flooring (believe it or not!) painted white, it was gorgeous! Great post!

  7. Hi love your pictures with white as the main backdrop. What white do you like for the kitchen walls against white cabinets in the kitchen. Cabinets are Dove White. Not sure what color to pick for walls that extend into small dinning room? Thank You....


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