Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

There doesn't seem to be much in the marketplace by way of desktop accessories for kids.  I mentioned last week that I just finished painting a desk for my daughter's room so naturally I wanted to find some way to accessorize and be functional at the same time.  The accessories I found were either gawdy "kid" colours or made of plastic, yuck!

I decided instead to go for a little sparkle by repurposing some thrift store goodies so with friend Jane in tow I hit the thrift stores and this is what I found.

A couple of pieces started off looking quite gruesome in their before condition.  Silver pieces sitting in thrift stores usually resemble a colour closer to black but don't be turned off.  A can of silver polish and a soft cloth can bring out the sparkle with very little effort.  Look for interesting shapes and complementary heights.  There is no way my daughter's erasers would look cute sitting in a plastic bowl but I love them in the this little wine goblet.  Aluminum items like the pen holder are also great as a small vase since they can hold water without tarnishing.  I ended up with too many items for one desk but have split them up between 2 desks.

So what did I spend you ask.  Here's the breakdown:

Glass vase for pencil crayons - $4.99
Small silver cup with beautifully detailed base for paper clips - $5.99
Aluminum cup for pens - $1.99
Large silver plant holder - $9.99
Small Wine Goblet for erasers & Pencil sharpeners - $1.99
Irish crystal clock - $5.99
Beaded Mint Julep Silver Cup for Pens - $5.99
GRAND TOTAL - $36.93

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love silver pieces and have found I can find small bowls for as little as $.49 at thrift stores in our area. There was a silver water pitcher last week for $3.99 and I'm kicking myself for passing it up. You did really well and I really like how you put all your finds to stylish use!

  2. Love the new banner, looks great. Yvonne and I just talked about doing this with all the silver we have in the studio when we move to our new office. It's so chic :)

  3. thank you for visiting my little blog, that was the best dress I thought... have a wonderful day
    Regards, Carol Ann

  4. When I saw the word thrift, I knew this was a blog I needed to read and certainly be a follower of. What amazing items you got from the thrift store. Getting great items at an even greater price certainly makes the trip worth while.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. Very nice! I like that you didn't limit yourself to the garish plastic containers that you typically see and thought outside the box. The best part is that you can use all of these things for other purposes later.

  6. Stumbled across your blog via a comment you left at Little House Blog, nice to find another local blogger! Will add you to me Vancouver blog roll!

    Not sure if you are on our Design and Lifestyle Bloggers West list? If not, email me as we are organizing a blogger get together on the 5th and then hopefully something bigger in the fall.

  7. Great finds and you repurposed them so creatively! Well done! Thanks for your lovely comment today. I'm looking forward to following along. XX


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