Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedazzled Letters

Last week I told you about the projects I was working on for my girl's room.  She is almost 10-years old and wants more of a glam girl look.  I've been hard at work transforming some of the kid items into dazzling cool kid pieces.  The letters are finished...onto items 2, 3 & 4 now.

These letters were bought a bunch of years ago and looked great in the light green and lavender princess bedroom but they are definitely not working here.  So this is how I transformed them into jeweled and bedazzled pieces that literally made my daughter squeal and jump.

Supplies needed are:

- letters
- primer & paint & brushes
- glitter (I used the extra fine) & a craft paint brush
- stick on jewels
- hairspray...yes, really!

1. I started by giving my letters a quick coat of primer because I was using white paint and didn't want the old colours to show through.  No need to cover completely just one simple, slapped on coat does the trick.

2.  After the primer dried I applied one coat of white paint to all sides and let it dry. Next I  laid the letters on their back and applied a second coat of paint to the top of one letter.

3.  My glitter came in a container with a pour spout so I just drew a thick line of glitter down the letter.  With a craft paint brush I spread the glitter across the top.  Be very gentle if you use a paint brush because if you're rough you can pull the glitter right off and cake your brush.

You can also pick up the letter and tilt it back and forth and sideways to move the glitter around and cover the entire surface.  Repeat with all your remaining letters.

4.  Once the glitter has set, stand up the letter and let the excess fall away.  This is where the hairspray comes in handy.  I wanted to make sure that the glitter stayed put so I gave it a quick cover with an aerosol spray.

5.  Next I added the stick on jewels and bedazzled letters are complete.

Stay tuned for the remaining bedroom items to make their appearance.



  1. What a great job Carol ! Last month I glittered some stars and couldn't figure out how to keep the glitter from 'glittering' everywhere. I'll try your hairspray trick - good thing I use the cheap stuff!

  2. Hi Carol,

    Perfect and blingy for a big girl room! It was nice to meet you too, too bad we didn't get to chat more. I was feeling pretty rotten on Saturday so am looking forward to hanging out with the girls again when I am more myself:-)
    I would love to know what thrift stores you recommend on your side of town, never thrifted out that way but would like to. I was also excited to read of your good experience at the outlets, I am headed there this weekend and have been promised an hour to shop. An hour!!!! That's okay, I'm an efficient shopper when I have to be!!
    have a great week!

  3. What a fun DIY! It's definitely glam too! Yea, i spell colour and favourite with a u and grey with an e:-). I'm Jamaican and we speak the British English, so i guess i'm an expat:-). XX

  4. This is a very fun and whimsical project!! It was so nice to meet you this weekend, and thank you so much for putting together our list, I can't wait to visit everyone's pages! Your blog is lovely :)
    Nancy xo

  5. Love the letters! Pretty, pretty! too bad my girls are too old for sparkly letters, sigh.....

  6. Glitter was big in our house when my daughter hit about 7 or 8. She would have loved making some letters like these to spell out her name.

  7. They turned out so beautifully! Love the "dots" on the inside!

  8. You are a very creative mom! Love what you've done to those letters!

  9. Fun! I love the bedazzled letters... what a great way to re-use the old ones!

  10. Hi carol Thank you for your visit ; happy you found me:))great idea with the letters ,,you are so creative and have such a inspirational blog,Ive just became your lates follower:) (hope you will be mine) have a lovely day /Marie


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