Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Make an Easy Stencil

I fear using the dreaded B word because I am quite sure you are very tired of hearing about it but the bookcase is almost complete.  There is still one coat of Polycrylic needed and then I will show it to you and we will never speak of it again.  I promise.

I mentioned that I wanted to create a stencil and it turned out so well and it was so extremely easy that I thought I'd share.

I have made stencils in the past using transparencies like the ones teachers use for overhead projectors, an exactor knife and a sharpie but this one is even more simple.

I started with the same transparency, exacto knife and sharpee but added a hole punch with a 2" extension that I bought at Michael's.  The long extension allowed me to get to the inside of the spiral.  
I drew a spiral and then layed the transparency on top of that and used the sharpee to create a series of dots in a spiral shape at equal (or as close as you get when eyeballing) distance apart.

Using the punch I popped out the dots.  In this case I only needed the exacto knife to make sure my outside lines were square before laying it down to be stenciled.

I used 3 different paint colours and just laid the stencil down in a random pattern.  There are 2 shelves going in to the bookcase so it didn't need a uniform pattern.  In fact, I thought the random pattern would work better for displaying objects in front of the stenciled back.

 Disclaimer:  It is so damn hard getting a photo of this because the Polycrylic is gloss and gives a beautiful finish but also a terrible glare.  Apologies:)



  1. i wish you lived near me so I could hire you to help out with my daughters room! Such great ideas:)

  2. What a smart idea. I wouldn't have thought to use a hole punch to create a stencil. I know that my hand isn't steady enough to make a stencil with an exacto knife, great alternative.

  3. That was brilliant using the hole puncher!

  4. Love it Carol! The blue is beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole thing all done up!

  5. can't wait to see the finished bookcase! I love the idea of using the transparency for the stencil--genius! I am in the process of attempting some patterend drapes for our bedroom, and may just have to give this a go.

  6. Looks great. You have a lot of patience for crafts huh? I never do. Well done to you. Looking forward to the reveal.

  7. Great idea! This is going to be so cool. *P.S.: I can't believe I never knew they make hole punch extensions! I feel like I've wasted hours of my life trying to find a way to work around those things...


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