Monday, February 14, 2011

Mitre Saw Hell

I know it will be highly unpopular on this day of love and hearts to write a post about something you hate but I'm doing it regardless. 

I hate my compound mitre saw!  I don't think my saw is really worse than any other (although it might be) but my hate comes from my inability to conquer the concept of compound mitre cuts.

I spent the better part of my Saturday afternoon battling with this king of fancy cuts and I did NOT reign victorious in the end.

Remember the bookcase I told you about last week?  I'm working on this as my current project.  I decided that if I added a hefty piece of crown molding to the top of it that I could hide some white lights on the top and it would give a nice glow and some much needed additional lighting in the room.  How hard can it be, right? 

 This is the pile of leftovers that did not make it to the Winner's Circle.

 These are the 2 sad and lonely pieces that are usable and will hopefully be attached to the sides of the bookcase very, very soon.

I am a stubborn sort and refuse to succumb to the bullying tactics of this saw.  I am writing down all the specifications on some of the scraps where I have accomplished the cut I set out to make.  Once I get a few instructional pieces together I will share with you so that you never have to fall to your knees for a mitre saw.

In the meantime, this is where I'm headed to buy an additional piece of molding because apparently 13 feet isn't enough for this project:(
Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


  1. ugh! the dreaded mitre saw! it's great that you've finally mastered it though- it's more than I can say for me! just found your blog and it's great!

  2. Oh dear!!! In the end you will know what to do next time though :) The only tip I have, that you may already know, is to cut the piece upside down. I dont know why, but that is what my hubby does. If you have the hang of it though then just keep doing what you're doing.
    I wish you the BEST!!! Tell that saw whose the Boss!! :)

  3. You go girl! What is it with power tools and the drama they cause in our lives?

  4. Frustrating, isn't it? My younger brother is a carpenter and has told me that he's seen pro's make mistakes with crown moulding. Whenever I see a blogger say, "Over the weekend we added some crown moulding..." like it was no biggie, I always wonder if the "we" they are talking about is a professional they hired. LOL! I hate wasting money so until my little brother comes for a visit and teaches me how, I'm not attempting that project.

  5. OMG, crack me up. I'm impressed that you would even attempt it! Saws scare me ... Brave, Brave girl! You'll get it, I believe...

  6. I applaud you for tackling this. I am yet to use a mitre saw.

  7. Attempting crown moulding with a mitre saw is a feat of epic proportions! I salute you. :) (And isn't it really so satisfying to feel the saw slice through wood? I kinda love that.)

  8. oh poor you! Iwill relish a step by step and would love to learn a thing or two from anyone who's done it! Good luck - maybe a fresh day and a fresh take will make all the difference. I'm excited to see the final product regardless.

  9. At least you tried to use a mitre saw, I don't even know how to turn on our basic skill saw! Me I would use the old fashioned mitre box and hand saw as power tools scare me! Bravo to you! Good luck conquering the crown moulding! Can't wait to see the whole project finished!

    Hey, are you free next week to go thrifting in your neck of the woods?

  10. Hilarious! Could you not have put some lipstick on and tried to get a boy to do it for you???? Might have been cheaper.

  11. I could have written this same post!! We are college educated women....we should be able to do this! I'm reading this late, so I see that you were finally successful, so bravo, girl! Time to get your party on.

  12. Fantastic post. Thanks so much for this and your 'understanding google Analytics' post. Both so helpful and easy to understand Kent M.Cortez

  13. Thanks :) I'm so glad it helped :) Feel free to tweet me if you ever have any questions :) my blog

  14. hey, any update on this project? - Thomas


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