Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painted Bookcase

This has been one of the more difficult undertakings in my furniture rejuvenation adventures but at long last the bookcase is complete.  My struggle with the crown molding  was a lesson in patience and there was a moment when I threatened that this bookcase would not be treated to crown molding after all.  I am so glad that I persevered because I love the look but as I initially planned, it will be home to tiny white lights that will help cast a warm hue in this dark area of the room.  

Here's the before.  I think in a sad turn of events my usually lacklustre photography skills have somehow managed to make this guy look better before than he ever really did look.

 The handmade stencil turned out just as I had hoped.

In unrelated news Barb from hodge:podge and I went thrift store shopping today and both came away with something great.  It was a good day for furniture.  Here's Barb with the dresser that she didn't end up buying (oooh, it was close).

Here's the dresser that I kinda wish I had taken.  I may go back tomorrow but we all know how much luck you have doing that:(  It even had a mirror that gets attached to the top.  

This behemoth sofa is only one part of a 4-piece collection.  I'm thinking The Salvation Army is wise to the popularity of savvy design thrifters.  This baby was $899.00!

My next project awaits me.  I need to get organized for the spa party we're having on Saturday for my daughter's birthday.  Happy weekend everyone!



  1. The bookcase looks great! The crown moulding really makes it. advice...go back for that dresser. It is fantastic! Happy bday to your daughter, and have a great time at the party! What could be more fun than face masks, cucumber slices, and manicures. great party theme!

  2. Love how your handmade stencil work came out, and the colours are terrific! The whole bookcase looks darling!!

    How fun that you went second-hand shopping with Barbara! Looking forward to seeing the dresser she bought. Yes! Go back for that dresser tomorrow! ;-) I'd love to see what you do with it!!


  3. Well didn't that turn out great! Really nice job Carol!!!

  4. Wow! You did a fabulous job on the bookcase. Love all the details-bravo! Hopefully the dresser is still there if you decide to return for it. Also, happy b'day to your daughter! XX

  5. You are one talented girl!!! It turned out beautifully. Love the turquoise stencilled back.

  6. Carol, the bookcase looks AMAZING, and your photos look great! Wow, what a makeover!

    Are you going to get that dresser? I have been thinking about that one, you should, at least re-paint and sell it on Craigs! It is SUCH a good price. Go for it! I am sad about leaving my dresser behind but my hubby agreed, drawers are no good, we need doors! Yikes - he still hasn't seen the chairs, but my girl's balked at the orange - then they said wait until dad sees them! I need to re-cover them stat!

    Have fun planning the party - love spa parties!

  7. Just shared this on my Facebook page. It looks fantastic Carol.

  8. Oh the book case is absolutely perfect! Well done:)

  9. Yay, you did it!!I love the crown moulding on the top, fabulous! Sari and I went thrifting a bit yesterday too, would have been funny if we ran into you! She tried to take pictures of me with treasures but I am just too vain, hate photos!

  10. A whole mess of work...but it turned out great!

  11. The bookcase turned out great!!

  12. That is great! I'm glad you stuck with the crown puts a ! mark on the piece.
    Hey, and the handmade stencil really rocks too! Any hints on the next project??? I'm looking forward to it, whatever it is!

  13. Wow, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! By the way thanks for your comment on the meet the blogger event!

    PS. I love your new blogheader!

  14. Do you realize that dresser that your friend almost bought is the sister to my Kent Coffey night stand?? It's the same exact design! Isn't that crazy??
    Can't wait to see this project! Your bookcase looks fab!! Don't you just love beautiful and functional storage pieces!!

  15. Hi Carol,
    The bookcase looks amazing! What a huge improvement - love the stencil project too!
    I'm procrastinating from doing homework right now and catching up on some blog reading. It looks like you and Barb had a fun time thrifting. What a great idea to each re-do a matching nightstand - I love that! Keep me in mind if you gals meet up again - I'd love to join you both.
    Take care,

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