Friday, March 11, 2011

How do you Like your Louis?

Sometimes it seems that there is so little that stands the test of time in our throw- away society. The demand to be hip and current leaves little room for longevity, or so it seems.  Yet, amidst all the trends and changes some things never go wrong.  One of the timeless classics is the Louis XV chair in all its various and lovely incarnations.  

More than 200 years ago, King Louis XV of France demanded that the architects and furniture designers of the time get wise to his ways.  He wanted comfort to match the opulent style that was uniquely his own.  So was born the Rococo style that continues to dazzle us even today.  

The Louis XV chair is now a classic that graces the homes of both traditional and contemporary spaces mainly because of its flexibility.  Once a snob of the old school, Louis XV can be donned in a transitional or modern setting if properly thought out.  Its original cabriole legs are now sometimes pared down and its originally simple fabrics are now often bold and rich.  Conversely, the once ornate carving in the wood has taken on a more simplistic look in its modern rendition. 

I recently designed a corporate office with orange Louis Ghost chairs and Saarinen tulip tables in each of the offices. Oh, how I wanted to work there!  The look was sleek and modern and breathtaking.  Thank you Philippe Stark for being brave enough to take a classic like the Louis XV and making it into a piece of modern sculpture.
So go ahead and let your Louis show.


  1. THANK YOU LOUIS! Great post! Sent your package today! Glad you won!

  2. I love me some Louis!!! Any sort! Those frames that I'm always putting around my house are Louis frames! I get to dig them out of the basement of my friend's frame shop. They are so fun to work with! My friend Jess is going to paint one bright yellow! I can't wait to see it!
    I love this dedication to Louis!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great post! That pink bergere chair is *stunning.*

  4. Thanks for following us Carol! I love your blog. I am just about to pull out my credit card for a Louis Ghost of my own. So excited! Great post and I look forward to following you!
    Lindsay xo

  5. Orange ghost chairs? Fantastic! Did you take photos of the space? Would LOVE to see them! Did you get them form that "shop"you mentioned?

    Got the end tables, gorgeous lines, very French Provincial, the legs have beautiful ornate detailing on them, what a score! Yours is sitting in the garage {wait until the hubby sees these!!!}

  6. it's really a modern sculpture. Happy weekend!

  7. btw: great you mention zen habits on your blogroll. It's one of my timeless favorites...

  8. Love my Louis ... he's piano black & upholstered in a cowhide! Great post to remind us not to think outside the box with traditional pieces. I bet that office is fantastic ... would love to see pics!

  9. Great chairs! Great History lesson!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  10. For the longest time I wanted louis xvi chairs in my dining room. Too expensive, but I do hope to find a set someday in a thrift store!


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