Friday, April 22, 2011

Making an Easter Arrangement

Yesterday I showed you a really cute flower arrangement in a festive Easter theme that I wanted to copy.  Well mine didn't turn out nearly as cute and I didn't want to show it to you at all.  I am doing it though because I figure if you decide to tackle it you can learn from my mistakes so here goes.


- 2 square vases.  They can be any size as long as one fits inside the oher.
- flowers of your choice
- jellybeans
- peeps

Cut flowers to fit inside the small vase and fill.  Place the small vase inside the large.  The spaces in between the 2 vases are what you will fill with your jelly beans and peeps.

So here's what went wrong for me.

- The inside vase is about 2" shorter than the outside one which means that the flowers don't flow over the side like I wanted.  Instead they stand up because they're being supported by the 2" outer wall.  If I was to do it again I would look for another vase that is thinner but exactly or almost exactly the same height.

- The peeps that I bought are too chubby for the space so I couldn't use them.  It still looks cute with just jelly beans but I really love the way the peeps give it a whimsical quality.

Aside from that, the biggest problem I foresee with this arrangement is dealing with the mysterious disappearing jellybeans.  "Who ate those" I'll scream.  "Not me."  "Not me".  "Not me" they will all lie.  Musta been the Easter Bunny.

Good Friday is a school holiday so we are officially on a nice 4-day break.  We have no big dinner plans as we have no family here...sniff!  We will be tackling our overgrown weed garden as well as doing some outdoor projects, going for a hike, hanging out with friends, enjoying some delicious wine and overall just loving the relaxing weekend.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I think you did a very nice job for your first one!


  2. So funny- I just posted a similar diy on my blog! I think you did great! I'll be on Spring Break starting today. We don't have family here either so no big dinner plans. However, knowing our friends we might be doing something impromptu. I hope to start putting some flowers in the ground while i'm on break. Happy weekend and Easter to you! XX

  3. I think it's cute! I seriously struggle with flowers! Have a wonderful break!!

  4. I wanna eat it! I haven't had a peep is years!!! You could stick one on a stick and have it stick up above the flowers. Then it will get all crispy and you can eat it later!
    Cute cute!
    Have a great long weekend!

  5. The flower arrangement looks so pretty! The peeps make the picture look great too!! Hehe. We have the new chocolates made by peeps at my job and omg they are so good.

  6. I have been perfectly content not having any Easter candy until this very moment, looking at all those jelly beans in that jar. YUM.

    Glad you showed us the project even though it's peep-less! I think it looks great!

  7. Looks yummy and pretty at the same time. Happy Easter Carol!

  8. It's still cute, Carol! we are always our own worst critics :) Happy easter!

  9. Trust me Carol, we've all had projects that didn't turn out as well as we'd like. Yours still looks cute. I always appreciate when a blogger helps me learn what NOT to do as well as what works.

  10. Oh it is adorable!! (and such a better use of jelly beans then putting them in my mouth lol)

  11. I still absolutely love it!!! And If I had a dollar for every "non-blog worthy" project that I've scrapped, I would be a happy woman! (c: Happy Monday!

  12. Your little arrangement is cheery, and I hope it brought you some happiness.
    Listen, arranging flowers is a learned task, and I hate it when magazines or whatever show these amazing photos of unrealistic designs.

    Take your inspiration picture. Tulips are one of the only flowers that continue to grow after they are cut, so in a few hours, some of those babies would have been sticking out and turned toward the sun, thus ruining the shape of the arrangement. Blah, blah, blah.

    Anyway, keep arranging! Like anything, you learn as you go -- and I'll keep providing more tutorials on my site too.

  13. Just loving this Easter arrangement!! So very sweet! :)

  14. what a super cute idea - thanks for sharing your lessons learnt and yummm jelly beans!


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