Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tale of Two Tables

"This blog post is brought to you by two thrifting pals, who never leave a thrift shop empty-handed.  If you want to read the other half of the story you can read it here."...plagiarized straight from hodge:podge.

It started with a simple conversation between Barb from hodge:podge and myself about the night stand I was looking for but having no luck finding.  Lo and behold, she was looking for the very same thing.  She is clearly more of a keener than I am because she was able to track down a set on Craigslist lickety split and very kindly offered to sell me one.  Don't you love a friend who does all the work for you?

This is how the night stand looked before....

And this is what we transformed them into...

Here's what it took.

Zinsser Latex Primer
Behr's Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer in one - Forever Black
Minwax Polycrylic
Mona Lisa Silver Leaf
Mona Lisa Silver Leaf Adhesive

The Process 
This table was covered in a high gloss stained varnish so I used a power sander to remove most of it.  I applied a coat of primer which turned out to not be necessary since I was using the Behr paint and primer product.  I applied 2 coats of black paint and 3 coats of polycrylic.

Silver leafing is so easy and gives such a glamorous look to everything.  I am addicted and want to silver leaf everything in sight right now.  Apply the size adhesive with a foam brush.  Let it dry for 30 minutes or until it becomes tacky to the touch.  The leafing is delicate so handle with care.  I gently laid each sheet on top of the adhesive and rubbed across it with my fingers.  Any pieces that are not touching the adhesive will fly like fairy dust throughout your house.  Plan to vacuum!  The handles were a little trickier and I used a pin to push the leaf through some of the very small nooks and crannies. I added 1 coat of polycrylic. I only used enough to keep it from getting wet if a glass is placed on top but I love the look of worn leafing.    

Dresser - $25.00 (I'm a delinquent with a tab.  So far I've paid $22.00 and a coffee.  Hopefully she doesn't send someone after me!)
Paint - I only had to buy a sample size which is under $5.00
Silver Leaf - $15.00 for a pack of 25 sheets (I used between 12-15)
Silver Leaf Adhesive - $5.00
I already owned the primer, polycrylic and brushes

TOTAL COST - $50.00

I hope you enjoyed the tale of my table.  Now click this and you will be magically transported to another land for the story of the second table.


  1. Love how your worded this post..too funny!

    A true friend is one that is willing to part with an awesome junk furniture find! :)

  2. They are both fantastic! Good work girls!

  3. i think they both have an equally happy ending.

  4. Fabulous results! And I like the fact that it's all been done for under 50$ :)


  5. WOW! That is stunning...a runway model for sure!.....Lucky girl!

  6. I was out today looking for a table to try this luck so far...I'll keep looking!!! Great job to you both....same table, different look, love that idea!

  7. They look completely different. Isn't it fabulous to have friends who share?!!

  8. Aww, you guys are sweet to share :) They both look fantastic!

  9. I thought I was in love with the black and silver...but I'm completely smitten with the blue, too! You talented ladies, you! Those nightstands are so perfect for makeovers, they have such pretty lines and proportions!

    P.S. Your comment about my birthday list made me laugh...yep, the list gets pretty long, but I in *no way* think that I am actually getting any of it! But hey, a girl can dream right? (c:

  10. Awesome, thanks for the silver leaf tutorial. Now I have no excuse not to try it :)

  11. Nice work! I do want to try a silver leaf project!

  12. Thanks for the silver leaf tutorial (and the handy email! So sweet!). This was a fun post... with a beautiful fairy tale ending. :)

  13. You two are very talented! They look amazing!!!

  14. Hi, I am one of your newer followers, these tables came out gorgeous! I have always wanted to try silver leafing, but never got around to using it! Seeing your beautiful result has given me the little push I needed. Thanks for the inspiration!


  15. I definitely think the black is my favorite, and I just love the silver leaf! Thanks so much for stopping by my home tour last week!!

  16. I love it! They look amazing! I have a table similar to this sitting in my garage right now... enough with the procrastinating! I need to get back to work and get me a cute side table like yours!!

  17. What a terrific way for you and Barbara to share your end tables :-) LUV how yours turned out. I've played with silver leaf before and it really is a fun way to create fantastic results! Seeing the 2 fabulous tables side-by-side like this really shows readers what a little imagine & paint can do. I'd love to see the 2 of you try something like this again!!

  18. Where is the lamp from, I love it!!!


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