Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrift Store Finds & Giveaway Winner

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the day thrfiting and I would have to say it was quite successful. Aside from picking up my night table which you will see next week I also managed to come away with a bunch of little goodies.

Remember my cake plate I made?  Well a good friend has asked me to send her the instructions so she can make her own.  I thought I'd go pick up what I needed and do a tutorial for a post since I didn't do that last time.  Can you believe I found the exact same plate?  What are the chances.  Here's what I came away with.

** I do realize there are 2 flamingos thereby making the word plural however, it's not that easy to change things after they've been saved.  Please overlook that:(

But now on to the good stuff.  Who won, who won, who won??  Well the lucky winner of the beautiful blanket is:

True Random Number Generator  26
Leah from Moss Eclectic.  I wish I had 26 blankets to give away for everyone who entered however there's only 1. Leah is about to have a baby and every baby should have an organic cotton blanket, don't you think?  Congrats Leah!!!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Congrats to Leah, what a fantastic prize! Can't wait to see what your end table will end up looking like AND how you put your treasures to use! I am going to post about mine on Monday, picking up the dresser {and paint} today!

  2. Carol- I need those Flamingos!!

  3. Great thrift store finds! Love the flamingos and love that bird cage.

  4. I can't wait to see how you turn the bird cage into a light fixture. Great finds thrifting this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Congratulations Leah!
    Oh so excited to see how you turn th light fixture into a light! And looking forward to seeing the end table!

  6. Such fun projects ahead! I'm especially intrigued by the bird cage soon to be light fixture. Also, congrats to the winner, though i do envy her:-)

  7. Thanks for dropping by!..Mix Matched Rose sets are the best...If you make it to theoldschoolmarket you'll see lots!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. a very successful outing Carol...sounds like you could sell those flamingos for a profit :)

  9. I say yes to flamingos!! Love your finds! Can't wait to see this light fixture! I need to go thrifting again soon!

  10. Love the flamingos! I just bought two gold crane figurines. Such fun pieces. Cannot wait to see what you do with this birdcage-chandelier thing...

  11. Carol, I love the flamingos.... I just bought a stork the other day at a thrift store!!! What is it with quirky things like that lately..Congrats to the winner!

  12. Those flamingos are neat! They'd look great spray painted a fun color (except something like hot pink, of course, unless you're feeling compelled to put them on someone's front lawn). :) I bought an ugly heron at a thrift store the other day. Gotta love leggy birds.

  13. good finds! What are your favorite places to thrift at? I usually make a day of it and hit a ton of places when I'm in the mood.


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