Monday, May 9, 2011

Monkey Love

When your mother is a blogger it opens up new opportunities on special occasions.  Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was showered with gifts and love and fun from the kids and my husband.  One thing that I hadn't been counting on was a handmade gift from my daughter and husband that turned out to be 2 gifts.

My daughter knows that I love monkeys and decided that she would like to tackle a diy project. A monkey for me made by hand.  How awesome is that?  Even better is that they were thoughtful enough to photograph the steps so that I would have a blog post.  Best family EVER!


Cotton Balls for stuffing
Fluffy Pipe Cleaner

How To
Trace the shape onto fabric and cut 2 layers

 The artist

Pin 2 sides together

Sew 2 sides leaving a hole for stuffing

Stuff with cotton balls.  Us a pen to push the cotton into the arms and legs

Sew eyes and a nose and stitch the opening closed.  Sew on the tail et voila!  It's monkey love!

Now I just need to come up with a name for the little guy.
Big thanks and lots of love to my little future blogger for the monkey and the post!!


  1. SOOO sweeeet!

    Tell her she did a fabulous job on her tutorial and on that sweet little monkey. She has a bright blogging future ahead!

  2. How adorable and her nails match the project! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  3. How cute!! Many congratulations!!
    I love her nails too!! <3

  4. Love this! Both the monkey and the tutorial are amazing! What an amazing daughter you have! Such a beautiful and talented girl - you must be so proud! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE that she made a tutorial! So cute.

  6. What a thoughtful daughter you have. Does she love decorating as much as you do too?

  7. Too cute that she made a tutorial for you! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day! :)

  8. Best tutorial ever! I see your daughter also has your creative streak:-). The monkey is very beautiful too. I can tell that you had a wonderful Mother's Day:-)

  9. that's so cute and thoughtful. What a lovely daughter you have! She's been a blog superstar in no time!

  10. OMG, What a sweet family you have! It must be so much fun to have a partner in crime (aka daughter) to craft with!

  11. That is the sweetest thing! Your daughter is too cute! I love that! What a great present!

  12. That is so sweet. I mean, your daughter is so sweet! Love. (And Happy Mother's Day.)

  13. Ridiculously cute! I love that they made you a blog post...can you get any better? :)

  14. Awww!! That's the sweetest! how thoughtful to take pics for you!

  15. THat is so awesome. I love how they made you a blog post - so thoughtful. That monkey is stinkin' cute!

  16. I love it, what a wonderful and patient daughter you have!

  17. Awwww, how lovely! I love her monkey with the cute polkadots! Your baby girl is gorgeous!

    I just found your blog and I like it with all these projects!
    Now following.

    xoxo from NYC,

  18. Your daughter is adorable and this project is so sweet!!

  19. Aww what a cute monkey and an even cuter daughter :D


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