Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Signs of Spring

We have been one lucky family over the years when it comes to robins.  When we lived in our very first house we had a mommy robin make her nest in our little porch at the front of the house.  It was amazing and I was able to capture the babies on video the very day they flew the coop.  

Last year was our first year in this house and we inherited another mommy robin and it appears she's back again.  She has set up house on the underside of our deck.  Clearly noise is not an issue for this robin because it's where the loud boy plays lacrosse, hockey and comes peeling through on his bike.  

My daughter has adopted her and named her Tia Marie.  The dad's name is Paco (do robin daddy's stay around? Not sure) and the 3 babies are Cola, Cheeto and Pepi. Apparently they are a family of Hispanic robins.

We found of the egg shells just after the babies hatched.  If you ever need a perfect robin's egg blue you can take this to the paint store and have it colour mixed.

It's so hard to get close enough to take photos with scaring Tia Marie.  I'm determined to capture those babies so stay tuned.


  1. How sweet ... I love the names and after all they have come a long way, mexico tho? Hmmm ... possibla? LOL

  2. Hola! Enjoy them choices. I had a swallow make a nest in my hanging basket last year, I kept taking it apart and it kept coming back. Finally gave up and let it stay.

  3. We have a nest in our Wreath on the front door! Three eggs, can't wait for them to hatch. We have been using the garage door because we didn't want to disturb momma. Now we have bird poop all over our driveway.


  4. The 'egg shell' photos are great - love your Robin story/pictures.
    - Joy

  5. How cute are those names! Robin's egg blue is one of my favorite colors. Matter of fact, I just bought some robin's egg blue paint for my chair. I should compare the color to your egg shell!

  6. We have a pair of robins that return each year to a nest they built under our eaves. It's always fun for the kids to see the baby birds hatch. This year we have a house finch that built a nest and laid some eggs in a basket I had hanging by my front door. I'd love to replace the basket, but won't until after the babies hatch and fly away. Great pics! Love the names your kids chose. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, so great! My children would have loved this!

  8. We have a momma robin who just made a nest in the light by our back door. I'm glad she feels at home near our door :) I can't wait to hear the little babies chirping! That is until it's way too early in the morning for the chirping..I'll still try to appreciate it! Great photos!

  9. LOVE the names--that is too adorable! We just discovered a mourning dove nest in the tree right outside our dining room window. Can't wait to see what ethnicity ours are. ;)

  10. I love the names children come up with!! Birds freak me out so I have panic attacks when they build nests near our house...yes, I'm a weirdo!


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