Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vancouver Chronicles - Bowen Island

Happy Monday friends.  Since it's summer and we're doing lots of exploring around the city you're getting an extra edition of The Vancouver Chronicles this month...good times!

Yesterday we decided to explore Bowen Island.  Shamefully, we've lived in Vancouver for 2 years and haven't been.  It's not accessible by car but only a 20 minute ferry ride away and you're there.  You can bring your car on the ferry but we decided to leave the car and bring the bikes.

Bowen Island is a teensy little island that's only 6 km long by 12 km wide but is home to over 4,000 permanent residents and an additional 1,500 in the summer.  Some of those permanent residents commute daily by ferry to work or school.  How fun is that?  It definitely has a laid back, yesteryear kind of feel to it.

The bulk of our day was spent exploring the bike and hike trails in Crippen Park.

We came across a forest of birch trees which are my very favourite tree and not often found in massive groups like this.  I couldn't resist sharing this photo.  Please indulge me!

After our ride we headed to one of the many, many beaches on the island.  Ice cream and this view is definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

There's a teensy little strip of shops and restaurants that includes a mix of a funky taco stand, what appeared to be a fine dining-ishItalian restaurant, fish and chips and a cute looking pub with an amazing jazz singer who was pumping out the tunes for us to enjoy as we wandered around.   

If you're looking for a respite from the city then overall, I'd have to say that it's a pretty decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Such great photos Carol. Especially that last one with the taco hut. Super cute ;)

  2. As of now we are still planning a trip to Vancouver next fall. I'll be sure to keep your Chronicles in mind!! This island looks like a place we'd enjoy!!

  3. And Congrats on your BOTB feature yesterday!!

  4. That looks gorgeous...what a fun trip!

  5. Really pretty photos Carol - I could see one of these in your home all framed up and pretty.

  6. That are pretty pics;)
    Thank you on the comment for my driftwood table.
    It was pretty easy to make this driftwood stain, I just thought if that doesn`t work,I would paint them white;)
    Lovely greetings...

  7. Seriously Carol, I'm so jealous you're surrounded by all this beauty! Another great spot in Vancouver...BTW i have thing for birch trees too, I've taken fallen branches home and always keeping an eye out for more :)

  8. That taco joint looks like my kind of place! I must make it to Vancouver some day! Looks like you are really enjoying your summer :)

  9. Really need to get myself over there as well! It looks like fun!

  10. I am ashamed to admit that I have grown up in Vancouver and have NOT been to Bowen Island. Must do that this summer. If it involves bikes then my hubby will go :)

    Looks like you had a fantastic day!

  11. What a beautiful place! I think it's really cool that people who live there get to take a ferry to work!

  12. Beautiful photos! Love the one of the birch trees! Just gorgeous! It's funny how we tend to skip going to attractions close to home that we'd make sure to stop at if we were just visiting. I really need to get over to Hiawatha Island by us. Thanks for sharing your day.

  13. Thank you for letting us tag along on that adventure. How great would it be to move to an island and open a taco shop?!!

  14. Looks like you missed Artisan Square where there are about 7 art galleries, the GILT SHOP (for the decorator.. should not be missed)... WREN botique ladies wear..Movement (bamboo Yoga and leisure wear), Artisan Eats AND not to be missed COCOA WEST chocolatiers! Many B&B's and guest cottages along with some AWESOME restaurants.

  15. you get paid for that artical?


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