Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Desserts

Normally I'd take a cheese plate over a dessert but it's pumpkin time and the rules change.  I have never posted a recipe before on this blog but I have been pinning the heck out of pumpkin recipes and had to share.
I just made these and they are quite cake like rather than cookie like but still great.  I cut the chocolate chips by 1/2 and I still found them to be overwhelmingly chocolate but maybe if you're choco crazy it will work.

Marianne from Style for Living posted this last week and it's on my radar for this weekend when the cookies are gone.

This looks so amazing that I'm quite sure you would get props if you serve that for dessert on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin and cream cheese filling baked inside wonton wrappers and served with caramel dipping sauce. Ummm, yes!

If you're lazy and/or pressed for time these 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins could be a life saver.

Bon appetit!


  1. Yum, I'm with you Carol, I love all things pumpkin. The first cold day of the year I always bake pumpkin bread-did it a couple weeks ago. My favorite is to make a pumpkin custard. (Basically the filling of my pumpkin pie recipe baked in a casserole dish. I like to pretend it's much less fattening than pie.)

  2. Yum! My hubby loves pumpkin treats, I guess I better make those muffins soon. Thanks Carol.

  3. I love pumpkin too and was so excited to find canned pumpkin here in Dubai - I couldn't find it anywhere in Ireland. So I'll definitely be making some pumpkin treats this fall! :)

  4. Yum! They all look terrific. Those individual trifles look amazing! I often make trifles in a big trifle dish, but those tall shot glass ones look so elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are such a crazy mind-reader. I just made those cookies last night and - not kidding - I just ate two five minutes ago. I LOVED them, but I swapped out vegetable oil for applesauce and all-purpose flour for whole wheat, then added nutmeg, cloves and allspice. Totally addicting.

    Did you see my curtain post about how you're always reading my mind?

  6. One of each please!! I've made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are amazing - I love that that have the consistency of cake too. YUM YUM YUM!!

  7. Oh man. These look awesome. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan myself but my hubby LOVES all things pumpkin...and heck, it's fall so I love making anything fall-icious. :)
    Hope you're feeling better!!

  8. Ooooh!! I have a great pumpkin muffin recipe I found this year! Love the flavours of fall :)

  9. The trifle looks SOOO yummy!! Must try that asap!

  10. Must. Get. Pumpkin Dessert. NOW!!! These all look delicious!!

  11. I don't know why people say no to something so delicious as a good pumpkin dessert, in fact I can't wait for tonight, my mother prepare a incredible pie for Thanksgiving dinner, happy Thanksgiving day for everybody!!!


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