Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Love

Happy Monday everyone.  Last week I was honoured with a Versatile Blogger award from my blog buddy Tanya at Dans Le Townhouse.  I realized that in the midst of my move I had also received this award from 2 other blogging friends and I hadn't acknowledged because of my crazy schedule.  Now that things are under control here I thought it was time to get on to the acknowledgments.

It's such a crazy thing, this blogging life.  We spend time every day researching, writing and reading.  There are very few of us who make money from our blog so to be recognized by a peer is so incredibly meaningful.  Thank you to Tanya, Wendi from Classic Chic Home and Barbara from Haus Design.  You're 3 of my go-to blogs so I appreciate the love:)

As a result of receiving this award, it is required that I tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know and then pass the award on to some of my favourite bloggers.  Here we go...

1.  10 Rooms
2.  Bijou and Boheme
3.  Decor and The Dog
4.  Hazardous Design
5.  His & Hers
6.  Interior Groupie
7.  Jax Does Design
8.  Strictly Simple Style
9.  West Pear Avenue
10.  1/2 Kitchen
11. The Stirring Place
12.  The Crafty Bee
13.  High Styling
14.  Happily Home After
15.  The Good Grapes

A bit about me...

1.  I'm seriously addicted to thai food.  I dream of the vacation we will take in Thailand so I can eat the food all day long.

2.  I love reading and until I found blogs I would spend many happy hours reading books on the sofa. Now that I've discovered blogs my book reading has fallen way off.  Here's the book I'm currently reading and I'd be embarrassed to admit how long I've actually been reading it for...

3.  Dogs vs Cats = Dogs for me.  I do like cats but I'm a huge dog lover.  We recently lost our fur baby and there are MANY family convos about when the next fur baby will make his/her debut and what the breed will be.  This is my childhood dog and what I'm gunning for next.

4.  Coffee vs. Tea = Coffee all the way for me.  I have tried so many times to like tea but it just doesn't work.  I need the kick in the butt from coffee.

5.  Red wine vs White wine = Mostly red but I won't say no to white.  I prefer a big, bold cabernet or syrah but I have definitely been known to enjoy a glass of chardonnay.  

6.  Skiing vs Snowboarding = Skiing for me. Last year at a weekend getaway to Whistler my son who is a snowboarder and I decided we'd switch it up for a while so I could see if I like boarding.  I mustered up the courage and took off all my equipment only to find that my 12-year-old couldn't stuff his feet into my boots.  

7.  I am on a never ending quest for the perfect pillow.  I am a stomach sleeper so I need a flat pillow.  After MANY pillow purchases and returns at HomeSense and The Bay I paid a bazzilion dollars for a high end down pillow but I'm still not satisfied.  It's making me crazy!!

Have an awesome day!


  1. Love your choice of the 7 things to share about yourself! Have fun selecting your new puppy, and good luck finding that perfect pillow!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  2. Thanks lady! I really need to pass this on. I'm such a slacker! I love learning random things about people!

  3. Hi Carol,
    Thank you so much for the award. You don't drink tea at all? I can't drink coffee at all. I can't even have any chocolate with coffee in it. Have a great day.

  4. Yay! So glad you posted this. It is so much fun learning more about you. Coffee does explain how you have so much energy to do so much! Your childhood dog was such a cutie - hope you find a new addition to your family soon.

  5. Fun to get know you better!....Thai food is yummy! Skiing @ Whistler, that would be my dream!

  6. Let us know when you find the perfect flat pillow -- I'm a stomach sleeper, too!

  7. Carol,

    So honored to be on your blog radar! Your "about me" list of items shows a zest for fun and life in addition to good taste beyond the design world! I have no idea what I can tell folks about me, but I'll figure it out and post! Thanks for the award.

    Oh, and thanks for your comment on my Chicken Parmesan post ... it made me think for about 10 seconds and then it was a "duh" moment ... I looooove Eggplant Parmesan and I've never tried that as a substitute for chicken in my recipe. If it is a good sub the baked Eggplant Parm would be soooo much easier than all the frying I've done in the past with Eggplant. So thanks for getting me to think of that and I will try it the next time I make my entree and let you know!


  8. Just did a double take! Thanks so much for the recognition!!! I'm such a newbie, you've just made my day!
    Loved reading your 7 things. I can complete relate to 1, 5 & 7. The perfect pillow search is never ending- right?! xo

  9. I love learning more about one of my favorite bloggers!

  10. Thanks so much for the award, Carol! :) I also am ashamed of how much my book reading has dropped off (and how long it will take me to read a book...) but I noticed that it happened when I went to college and then started teaching. Blogs have furthered the backslide, though!

  11. Congratulations Carol! It's always so much fun to see someone else's go-to blog picks, and to learn more about that someone! :-)

    Pillow talk - this one isn't glamorous, and wouldn't win a beauty contest, but have you tried a grain pillow? I've slept on one for years and can't go back...

  12. awww thanks so much for the award. I'm super honored and have never received one before. woo hoo. We just got back from 2 weeks abroad, so I need to catch up on my blogging and my blog reading. I've miss all you internet friends.

  13. Thanks so much Carol! I too am more of a dog person but (would you believe) I've never done any snow-related sport. No skiing, no snowboarding, no nothing...I would love to experience it sometime though. Prob need to plan a vacay to do just that. :)

  14. We definitely have some things in common :) Its always fun to learn more about my fellow bloggers, its also inspiring me to be a little more open too!

  15. Thanks so much for passing the award along to me, Carol :-) As you said, it's so great to be recognized by your blogging peers for the time and work you put into writing your blog.

    I'm totally with you on the Thai food - LOVE IT! Pizza is a very close second :-) I'm a dog lover too, and I really enjoy reading - if you haven't read A Dog's Purpose, I highly recommend it. And I'm on the hunt for the perfect pillow too. I'll let you if I ever find "the one"!

  16. Fun post! It's neat learning more about you. I love coffee and tea. I'm with you on the pillow thing. Many years ago, I had a pillow that I loved - it was a ridiculously expensive goose down pillow. I have yet to find it's equal on a SAHM's budget.

  17. Thanks Carol - you rock and I appreciate the shout out. We share a love for coffee and red wine (and blogging of course). Hope you had a great weekend.

  18. Thanks so much, Carol! I'm feeling the Monday love. Congrats on your award.
    I'm a stomach sleeper too, and find that most pillows just aren't flat enough. The best one I've had was actually the least expensive one that I bought at a discount store. I was sad when it was time to give it up.

  19. That was fun :) I'm with you on the reading falling off since blogging. I used to be the one at book club that always had the book read, but not anymore.

  20. Congrats - I was glad to pass it on and I'm not surprised that you are so popular that you got it from three bloggers! :) Hoping someday we can sit down for some great Thai food and wine (well I prefer Thai beer with Thai food, maybe the wine could be before or after...anyway, you get the idea :))!

  21. What an honor to be mentioned among such fine bloggers! We blog for fun as well and couldn't be more thrilled to have happy readers! Thanks again! Ana, Jackie and Cristi (Three Good Grapes)

  22. I actually knew some of those items. It's great to know some more! Congrats on the award.

  23. Oh what I wouldn't give for some peace and quiet, time to read a good book, some thai food and a big ole glass of wine tonight! Instead I shall carpool with coffee:)
    Always like learning more about you!

  24. thank you thank you thank you! :) You're so sweet, and I totally dig your wine choices :) And food, thailand is an amazing place!

  25. dogs, red wine, skiing.. I knew we'd get along! Thank you so much for the award, Carol -you're a sweetheart - x


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