Monday, May 30, 2011

My Mad Love for Jonathan Adler

As a designer I enjoy seeing the work of other fabulous designers but I try not to overthink their work.  I feel like it will definitely influence what I present to a client and I want to stay true to myself and my style.

HOWEVER, there is one designer that I can never, ever get enough of.  When I'm dry for ideas, he's the one I seek out.  Can you guess who it is?  Geez, maybe the title of the post gave it away:!  The brilliant Jonathan Adler!!

Whimsical doesn't even begin to describe his work.  It's fun overload people.

While he's a traditionalist, his rooms are filled with bright colour and lots of fun.

This has been a favourite room for some time.  There is not a single detail left undone.

This could easily have been a very boring room if not for the well placed pops of bold colour and the not-too-serious accessories.

I am so gobsmacked by his ability to always tie colour back and forth throughout his rooms.

He had me at chevron but could easily have won me over with the turquoise.

To. Die. For.  Nuff said!

Adler was commissioned by Mattel to design a house for Barbie to celebrate her 50th birthday.  It's an over the top crazy fun house.

What do you think?  The most brilliant designer ever or is his style too much for you?  Happy Monday friends!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Pictorial Weekend

I just found myself cruising Pinterest and realized this is a highly addictive pastime.  At the same time I was thinking about the weekend and thought I could use my addiction to create a pictorial narration of what the weekend has in store for me.

It's the weekend therefore I must eat cheese and this looks like a damn good way to do it.

And if I give these to the kids I won't have to share the cheese!

This is a serious springtime polish, isn't it?  Yes, that's happening.

Saturday night we will be going to a going away party for friends who are moving back to Australia.  Is it possible to be having a great time and a sad time all at the same time?  I know I could keep my spirits high if there was a chevron cake there.

I was thinking of ironing this onto my shirt for the party.  Thoughts????
On Sunday I will be getting up much earlier than I would ever like to get up on a Sunday because a certain little girl has a field hockey game.  This is what I will be saying to everyone I see...
But this is what I'll be thinking...

Have the most amazing weekend ever!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What To Do with Leftover Fabric Samples - Take 2 W

I realize that I run the risk of looking like someone with way too much time on my hands but cute thumb tacks are hard to come by.  When you can't buy it, you've got to make it.  This is where my fabric samples come in handy...again.

Fabric stores sell button cover kits that are perfect for making your own.  The dome and back are all you need for diy buttons.I started by using pliers and removing the silver thingy that would allow you to sew the button to clothes.

Using the template on the back of the kit, cut a circle of fabric from your favourite scrap fabric.

Lay the fabric on the white attachment device which is provided with the kit.

Lay the silver dome on top of fabric and push until it pops into place.

Pop the button out and hot glue a thumb tack to the back.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day

It's a long weekend here in Canada. This is the the official opening to summer round here so there's some good old Canuck celebrating to be done.

Is there a better way for a blogger to celebrate a holiday than to be given an award?  Certainly not.  

I send a big Canadian holiday hug to Carrie at Hazardous Design for awarding me with a Versatile Blogger award.

The rules of the award mandates that I tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know and that I pass the award along to 7 blogs that I have recently discovered so here we go friends...

1.  I'm a total book nerd
2.  I love to work out and dream of being a lady of leisure and health clubs
3.  I'm a city girl but have taken my kids camping for 2 weeks with no husband...booyah!
4.  Did I say I love pink:!
5.  If salt & vinegar chips had to fight hickory sticks to the death I wouldn't know who to vote for:!
6.  My fluffy baby dog is almost 15 years old and I am determined to see her make it to 20:)
7. My desert island food is thai curry, mmmm!

And now on to the fun stuff.  Here are the fabulous blogs that I have nominated for the award...

1.  Sugar & Spice in the Land of Balls
2.  All Things Bright & Beautiful
3.  A View Along the Way
4.  Design Manifest
5.  A Prairie Perch
6.  You Me and The Weiner
7.  Gorgeous Shiny Things
8.  Just Bella
9.  All Kinds of Lovely
10.  Cozamia

On another happy note, I was the winner of a giveaway last week.  So Stinkin' Cute blog drew my name in a giveaway for Cosmic White.  It's a lip plumping lip gloss and teeth whitener in one.  How cool is that?

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What To Do with Leftover Fabric Samples

I have been amassing quite an extensive collection of fabric samples lately.  I hate to throw them out because I obviously loved them enough to acquire a sample.  If I was a quilter I'd have a beautiful blanket but I'm not so I settle for little things.  I needed a new case for my oversized sunglasses that don't fit into the hard cases so that became project #1.

Start by assembling your fabrics and glasses to get an idea of what size you will need to end up with.

So many combinations.  Hmmm, what to chose?

I wanted to line the fabric pieces with felt that I had leftover from another project to give my glasses a nice cosy bed.  I sewed the felt and fabric together with the right side facing in.  Once I sewed them I flipped them right side out.

Sew on your contrasting fabric. Easy peasy, right?  Yes until it came time to use the automatic button hole device on the sewing machine.  Automatic button hole is code for torture-of-the-mind-and-soul-for-endless-hours.  Only because I had no other option for a post did I persevere through the agony until I accomplished a very lame button hole.  Sew the 2 sides together, add button and voila.

Next week I'm going to share 2 other and much simpler uses for leftover samples.  

Transformation Thursday


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Thrifting Adventures

There is a good reason why I spend so much time in thrift stores.  Every Tuesday night my daughter takes a jazz class for one hour.  It's in the next city over and it's not really worth driving back and forth so I wait.  There's a thrift store just a couple of blocks from the dance studio so really, how can I resist?

Here are some of the things I was drooling over last night.  I am seriously considering going back for a couple of these items.

Everyone loves to decorate with books but they're not inexpensive.  These 2 home decor books were each $2.99.  I pulled off the dust cover and they had beautiful spines.  A steal.

I have been looking for brass lamps with swing arms for the night stands in our bedroom.  This wouldn't work in there and there is only 1 but isn't it gorgeous.  The kelly green glass shade is beautiful and I think this could work on our desk.

I am seriously considering going back for these.  There are 4 in total and I think they would look fabulous with a new seat cushion. Just picture them at a round tulip table with a marble top.  Do you think my husband would notice if I snuck these into the house?

This chair is so big and has quite a presence.  Currently the presence is utterly disgusting but I could see it with a paint job and completely reupholstered.

So here's what I did buy...

2 prints by a famous and highly acclaimed Native artist named Benjamin Chee Chee.  He died over 30 years ago but his work has been highly praised since his death.  I was lucky enough to see a large display of his work last summer and fell in love.  He is considered a pioneer in bringing a modern twist to the Native art form.  I love the simplicity and clean lines.  They were professionally framed and I do like the frames but the mats have had some water damage so I'll need to replace those.  

I was given an trophy for the Best Thrifter in the female category.  I would like to thank all the people who donate their awesome junk.  Okay, I bought this but isn't it cute?

I also found a cute iphone cover that is brand new and under $2.  I didn't get it but now think I should so you know what that means.  I have to go back.  I wonder if those chairs and lamp will still be there.  Stay tuned.  Not you, husband.  You need to look the other way while I drag big things into the house.

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