Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Vancouver Chronicles - Chinatown

I've been doing quite a bit of exploring other great cities recently but also had a visit to our very own Chinatown and thought it was worthy of a post.

Vancouver's Chinatown is the largest in Canada and third largest in North America.  You know you've arrived in Chinatown as you are greeted by the Millenium gate and the giant dragons.

There are so many fun shops and here are the highlights of my day.  I love the hand painted scenes and the Chinese script.

This store completely drew me in with its whimsical umbrellas and colourful displays.

So pretty and so inexpensive.

If you're not sure where to get incense I'd say check your local Chinatown

Lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

 Bamboo screens which look like a diy project just begging to happen don't you think?

Everywhere there are baskets of inexpensive bowls, cups, plates.  Better than the dollar store for sure.

The best discovery of the day was a store that carried a gigantic selection of Asian hardware.  Definitely tucked that one away for future use.  This is only a small section of their offerings.

Food markets are abundant and there are dried fish and legumes lining the sidewalks at every market.  It's difficult to tell what some of the food is but it sure looks cool.

While there's plenty of traditional Chinese eateries to satisfy any of your cravings, there's also a small area of Chinatown that's become a little trendy.  A couple of fantastic eateries/bars have made their appearance and bring a youthful and hip vibe to the area as well.
Okay, I'm definitely hungry now.  If you're planning a trip to Vancouver you gotta put Chinatown on the list friends.  And don't forget to call me and I'll meet you there:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Is it ever too soon to start thinking about Christmas decorating?  Yes, of course it is.  July is definitely not the time to be breaking out the tiny Christmas trees and nutcrackers.  So what gives you wonder?

Today I will be visited by the lovely and talented Tracey Ayton who is a lifestyle photographer in Vancouver.  We are working together on a photo shoot for diy projects that will appear in both the fall and holiday editions of Dabble magazine.  

Between a stupendous time in Portland and the preparations for this shoot I have been quite a slacker in the blog department.  I promise to be more vigilant in doing my rounds visiting all your blogs very soon.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm In Love with You

You know I love to leave you some of my favourite goodies to cherish on a Friday.  Well, as luck would have it, it's Friday!!

Is this amazing or what?  All that makeup that's filling your drawers could be neat and organized like this.  Magnets is the secret here.

More beauty related projects but you have to admit, this is so fun.

For those us of us that live in rainy climates we can appreciate the importance of being able to wipe off mud before it gets tracked through the entire house.

I don't even need to add a caption to this one because everyone is doing a silent "yessss" right now.

Happy Friday friends.  I'm in Portland right now and having a blast in this funky town. I will give you a sneak peek next week when I'm back.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post Alley - Seattle

Last weekend we took a little road trip down to Seattle.  Sadly the weather in Seattle was no improvement over our wet and gray summer here but it was still nice to take a trip.

While wandering around Pike Market area we stumbled across Post Alley.  I was initially intrigued by the cool Art Deco sign.

After photographing it we noticed that there were people headed towards the alley so we thought we'd follow them and find out what was going on (what could possibly be wrong with heading down a dark alley???)

As I got closer I saw people photographing a wall.  It looked colourful and I'm a huge sucker for installation art so I was definitely game for whatever it was.  See if you can guess...

How about a closer look?

I had to be this close before I realized it was gum.  Yup, chewed up gum of every colour under the rainbow stuck to the wall.  There was also a gumball machine right there so you could join in the fun.

These two weren't in the least bit interested in joining in the gooey fun.

The boy couldn't chew fast enough and all I got was his hand sticking the gum to the wall.

What do you think...gross or cool?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Post - Love Your Space

Do you know Heather at Love Your Space?  If not, you should.  She's a decorator, mom and all-round lovely lady.  She also happens to be whooping it up in New York with her you detect a note of envy in my voice?!  In the meantime she's got some bloggers filling in and talking about designing with numbers.  What does that mean?  Get on over there and find out for yourself.

Come back and see me tomorrow and find out what this is...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twine Light Fixture

I think I've kept you guessing long enough so here's the reveal on my big ball of twine.  As some of you already guessed it's a light fixture.

I came across this idea a while ago over at one of my favourite reads, Moss Eclectic and tucked it away as a future project. I had purchased the big smiley face ball a couple of months ago and figured if I didn't get this fixture done asap that the ball could potentially end up being a summertime play toy.

Wanna know how I did it?

I used 1 1/2 of the large containers of mod podge so stock up.  Pour it into a throw away container.

Pull the twine from the ball and completely cover it in mod podge bit by bit.  Once it's covered start draping it across the ball and turning the ball at the same time.  It takes a bit of patience in the beginning to keep it from falling off the ball but after you've got a bit on there it's simple.

Keep going until the ball is covered or you run out of twine, whichever comes first.  Coincidentally I ran out of twine, time and patience all at the same time.  This step is way more time consuming than I had anticipated.  It took over 2 hours but other than this step there's not much to making this fixture so take solace.

I waited 2 days for the mod podge to completely set and dry.  After 24 hours I cut a hole in the twine large enough for me to put my hand in later to change light bulbs.

Once it's completely dry stick your hand in and gently start to peel the ball away from the twine until it's completely free.

I used a simple one bulb pendant to hang the fixture. And that is that!  A light fixture that looks good by day...

or by night!

I'm off for an extra long weekend with the family to Seattle to do some sightseeing and exploring.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Post - Simple Dwellings

Well it's summer and summer is for visiting so today I'm visiting Amber at Simple Dwellings. Come by and say hi and check out her fun series where she asks bloggers to turn their blog into a photo essay.  Go see my interpretation of "If My Blog Was a Room".

Pop by tomorrow and I'll reveal the secret to the twine ball.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Post - The Vintique Object

Happy Monday everyone.  Somehow it feels like Monday isn't quite so hard to deal with in the summer, right?

Today I'm guest posting at The Vintique Object.  While Camille takes a well deserved break to visit family I'm talking about how to maintain even the slightest modicum of good design in a house with a teenage boy.  Come by and say hi.
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