Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Ubiquitous Hicks Pendant Light

Can anyone tell this is my first summer as a blogger?  I really had no idea how much time I obviously devote to blogging because since the kids have been home and I'm busy with them I feel like I'm running in circles just trying to get the bare minimum accomplished.  Bare with me friends.  The kids are on their last week and next week the days will feel long and I'm determined to get back to a regular schedule.

Aside from hanging out with the kids this summer I've been secretly nurturing my latest obsession.  The Thomas O'Brien designed Hicks pendant light has me swooning.  I realize I'm not alone in this love affair but that does not dissuade me.

My favourite is this...the bronze with hand rubbed antique brass accents and based on the number of images featuring this version I was able to find I'd say the admiration is widespread.

The other one that seems to be mighty popular is the polished nickel version.

I love that the designer of this room has hung these as opposed to using table lamps.  It's clear that space was limited so this is a clever and super stylish way to deal with that problem.  This is the antique nickel finish.

I have to admit I'm completely perplexed as to why the hand rubbed antique brass version is not more popular, at least online.  I adore this but I wasn't able to find one single photo with this version being used in a home.  Could I persuade my husband we need 2 or 3 based on the argument that I fee sorry for this version?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favs

Don't you just love Friday?  It's kind of like spring with the promise of what's to come.  I've been away from home all week so this weekend is going to be all about hanging out with the family.  Here is a roundup of my favs for the week.  

I adore this simple but fresh table.

I agree and while I don't always love to cook I certainly do love to eat.

I admire the time and patience this must have taken.  So cool!

So I think I have figured out what I'll do on the deck this weekend.  Popsicles and champagne!!
All images via Pinterest
Happy weekend friends.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make a Ruffled Table Skirt

I have always been a big fan of clean, open storage but I continue to resign myself to the fact that those days are gone.  My daughter has a doll house that sits on a cute marble table with chrome legs.  The idea was that all the accessories would be stored under the table in a cute box.  This area also became home to items to be donated, books she's currently reading and more than one family of dust bunnies.  Time to get the sewing machine out and deal with this problem asap.

I had already purchased the blue fabric with the intention of doing one long ruffled skirt.  That is until I spied this project that super diy'er Anne at House of Newman's had created for her daughter.  I was more than happy to use up more scraps of fabric as they seem to be multiplying and taking over my laundry room!

Measure your table to determine the total perimeter.  The width of each piece of fabric is 2x that total perimeter.  Determine the length of each piece based on the height of the table allowing for hem allowances.  Hem the top and bottom of each piece.

Set your sewing machine to the highest setting for thread width.  There's probably a technical term but it's sure not part of my vocabulary.  Sew another line across the top of each piece of fabric on this setting.

Once you're finished, separate the pieces of thread.   One of them is set and can't be moved but the other will allow the fabric to be pushed along creating a ruffle.

Be careful when you're pushing because you can break the thread.

Using muslin or other light weight fabric, create a base for the ruffles to be attached to.  Starting with the bottom ruffle, pin it to your base.

Sew ruffle to base and continue with each layer.

I used velcro tape to attache the skirt to the table.  I prefer velco with the sticky back to save time in sewing it to the fabric.  And there you have a cute little skirt that will hide a myriad of mess and confusion.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Obsessed With...

Happy Monday friends.  I'm back up and running after a scare with my mac last week.  I came across these images yesterday and haven't been able to stop thinking about them.  This mirror is so awesome and could easily become a diy project if the right mirror was to make its appearance in my thrift store shopping.  Send some positive vibes my way please!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Technology Woes

Yesterday morning I woke up before the rest of the family and crept downstairs for my 45 minutes of coffee and blog reading before the day begins.  Ground the beans, brewed the coffee and sat down to discover my beloved mac was not alive and kicking.  Tragedy has struck my home and my life!!!  He has been rushed to the macbook emergency room and we are holding vigil that things turn out just fine.  Dear macbook...I hope you know I never really meant it when I said you were stupid or slow.  I love you and I want you back, exactly as you are!
Given the recent turn of events I will not be posting the lovely tutorial I had planned.  I am using the family PC and my photos all reside on the mac.  Instead I'll give you a sampling of some of the things I'm currently obsessing about.  They are all technology based so design addicts bear with me.

So clever and so darn organized.
I see a diy project inj my future.

I don't even drink pop (soda for my American counterparts:) but this is just such an iconic symbol and it's fun.

Want, want, want, want, want!!  A solar charger that appears to not be available in North America at the moment.  I'll be stalking its arrival.

Give your computers a big hug today.  Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vancouver Chronicles - Bowen Island

Happy Monday friends.  Since it's summer and we're doing lots of exploring around the city you're getting an extra edition of The Vancouver Chronicles this month...good times!

Yesterday we decided to explore Bowen Island.  Shamefully, we've lived in Vancouver for 2 years and haven't been.  It's not accessible by car but only a 20 minute ferry ride away and you're there.  You can bring your car on the ferry but we decided to leave the car and bring the bikes.

Bowen Island is a teensy little island that's only 6 km long by 12 km wide but is home to over 4,000 permanent residents and an additional 1,500 in the summer.  Some of those permanent residents commute daily by ferry to work or school.  How fun is that?  It definitely has a laid back, yesteryear kind of feel to it.

The bulk of our day was spent exploring the bike and hike trails in Crippen Park.

We came across a forest of birch trees which are my very favourite tree and not often found in massive groups like this.  I couldn't resist sharing this photo.  Please indulge me!

After our ride we headed to one of the many, many beaches on the island.  Ice cream and this view is definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

There's a teensy little strip of shops and restaurants that includes a mix of a funky taco stand, what appeared to be a fine dining-ishItalian restaurant, fish and chips and a cute looking pub with an amazing jazz singer who was pumping out the tunes for us to enjoy as we wandered around.   

If you're looking for a respite from the city then overall, I'd have to say that it's a pretty decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Lessons from a 10-year-old

Yesterday I took my daughter to Micheal's so we could get our craft on.  Together we decided it would be the most fun to create an acrylic painting on canvas.  You may remember my big aspirations to create a canvas based on a beautiful piece of scrapbook paper I found.  If not, you can read 'til your hearts content here.

So we each got our supplies and while I painted the grey background colour Livi started sketching her picture.

Umm, is it just me or is she a teensy bit ahead of me?  Let's just say the evening of craft and merriment ended quite a bit sooner than I expected.  Livi finished her complete art project as I sat and waited for the grey paint to dry.

Fast forward to today.  Here is 10-year-old child's art project.

Here is significantly older mother's grey canvas.  What you can't see is that I have sketched the pattern very lightly onto 1/4 of the canvas.  This took one hour and coincided with the realization that this was going to have to go into the Never-To-Be-Completed file.  The amount of detail in this piece is staggering and while I think I could draw it with pencils I don't think I could draw and then paint this on canvas in a way that would warrant the trillions of hours required.  

Lessons Learned

* Just because something looks pretty does not mean we should try to replicate it.

* Kids don't spend hours obsessing over the right colour, the right canvas or the right paint.  They get out their supplies and they do it.  I need to be more like a kid sometimes.

* If you're planning on doing something with a kid you better pay attention and get it done.  Otherwise you'll eat dust as they leave you behind.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Painted Curtains

Sometimes the right colour or pattern eludes you when looking for curtains.  Pre-made panels don't come in a plethora of colours or patterns.  The super easy solution to this problem is to do-it-yourself.

I started my project with a simple IKEA panel.  Determine how many stripes you want as well as what size each stripe will be.  Beginning at the top, start to measure down the curtain marking off the area for each stripe to be painted.  My stripes are each 12".

Using your marks to keep your line straight simply lay your tape across the width of the curtain.  I used my trusty Frog Tape for this project.  Once you have the tape in place smooth it down to ensure that no paint can seep underneath it.

Apply a generous amount of paint to your roller and begin to paint the taped off area.  If you are using a darker colour give the area a quick second coat just to be sure the area is evenly covered.  Tip - Use a flat or eggshell finish.  Just like with walls, glossy paint will highlight imperfections (not that you would have any imperfections).

Once the painting is complete remove the tape.  Make sure the paint is completely dry before hanging the curtains.  Hello easiest diy ever!

One more look.  Now off you go and paint some curtains for yourself.

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