Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make a Christmas Pillow

Well the Christmas season is officially upon us and I'm going to kick it off with a fun diy pillow project.  It's definitely festive and just about as simple as you can get.

Supplies Needed:

Pre-made pillow cover
Felt or other stiff material
Small piece of brown or black fabric
Fabric Glue

Step 1
Create a cardboard template that is approximately 1 1/2".  Using the template, trace the circle onto the felt and cut out.  This project required 28 circles.

Step 2
Working with one circle at a time, place a dot of glue at the end and pinch the circle together.  Hold the end of the circle together until the glue is dry enough that it will stick together.  This should only be a few seconds.

Step 3
Using pins to secure your work to the pillow form, lay out the circles in a line at the bottom and decrease the number of circles in each row until you reach the top.

Step 4
Once you have a pattern that you like, start gluing the circles in place.  Using a second, lighter fabric make a trunk for the tree and glue in place.

TIP - The success of this project relies on the circles staying glued together.  Buy the very best fabric glue available.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Giveaway Winner

It was so fun to have Tracey Ayton here last week offering a beautiful photo to a reader who was able to offer a solution to the great corbel debate.

Drumroll....the winner is...

Laura from Happy Roost.  Congratulations Laura.  I want to see a photo of the beautiful photo hanging in your place.

Yesterday, my daughter, my mom and I participated in an annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.  Here are the highlights.

 Needless to say, we didn't enter the contest.  Cupcakes were enjoyed as a consolation.  Join me tomorrow for a Christmas diy project.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Amazing Finds

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October but that doesn't mean I'm not thankful as well this weekend.  Here's a roundup of some amazing things that just might make you feel thankful.

Don't forget to enter the draw for the Polaroid Photo.  Draw closes this Sunday at noon.  I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polaroid Art Giveaway

Last month I introduced you to Tracey Ayton Photography and today she's back here again with a very fun contest and giveaway.

First we'll start with the giveaway.  This lovely piece was photographed using a polaroid camera and is 20"x20" printed onto watercolour paper held up by bulldog clips and wire.  There are 2 pieces of dowel on the back of the picture to support it at the bottom and top and the piece is numbered.

Want a chance to win this piece?  You need to read about Tracey's dilemma below and help her by suggesting ways to overcome the problem.

My dilemma is ........... I have started this very strange hobby of salvaging corbels off of homes that are getting torn down.  I just hate to see such beautiful pieces of architecture getting destroyed, yet alone filling up the landfills.   When the season of "tear down" is upon us, I start noticing red fencing around homes that are slated for demolition.  After much prying and tugging, the corbels come off in relatively great condition!  Now this is where my problem starts...... I get home, my hubby sees my prizes and he flips out.  "Where are those going?"  "We have no room!!!"  "Nooooo!!!, they are not going into the garage ......THEY TAKE UP TOO MUCH ROOM!!!!"  Fair enough, yes my corbels can run over 100 pounds.  They are about 2-3 feet in height and approximately 1 foot in width.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  As weeks went by I ignored my husband's rants and continued to store my corbies in the garage until the long awaited Fieldstone Vintage Flea Market in which I sold all 12 pairs of corbels to my hubby's relief.  However, here is my dilemma ....... I want to start another year of collecting corbels and we have a brand new garage so I mentioned that I want some room to store my goodies. ....... the battle begins!  Tell me, what is the best reason hubby should allow me to take up some space in the garage for my corbels?  Any storage ideas would be welcomed too.
Here's Tracey at the Fieldstone Vintage Flea Market selling her corbels.

Contest is open to all followers of The Design Pages.  Here's what to do.

1.  Visit Tracey's blog here and subscribe to it.  Come back here and tell us what Tracey can do to convince her husband to allow the growing corbel collection to stay in the garage.

2.  Follow her on Facebook here and give us your second suggestion.

3.  Follow her on Twitter here and qualify for a third opportunity to suggest the winning solution.

Contest will close at noon on Sunday, November 27.  Tracey will select the winner based on her favourite solution to her dilemma.  Check back on Monday, November 28 for the winner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

This weekend we invited our good friends over for dinner.  We've seen them A LOT since we've moved here but this weekend they showed up with some housewarming gifts and totally spoiled us.  Take a look at our loot.

Are we not the most spoiled people ever???  Look at how darn cute these candles are.

The pink champagne didn't stand a chance of surviving 5 minutes after making its way into our house.  It was stupendous!!
Aren't we the luckiest kids around?  What a great weekend with great friends!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've spent the last 2 days priming and painting the hallways, dining room and kitchen on our main floor.  When we moved in the ENTIRE house was painted in a colour I've been referring to as butterscotch.  After a quick scan of my Benjamin Moore colour deck I think it's Toffee Cream CC-380

We have a fairly open main floor.  I knew I wanted the main areas to be grey and then I would add a pop of colour in the living room.  We have tiles in the entrance way that have quite a bit of blue so the grey we chose had to have a blue undertone.  I narrowed it down to these two.
Stonington Grey HC-170

because I loved this...

OR this
Coventry Grey HC-169

because I loved this...

I went with Stonington Grey.  The paint has only been up for a couple of hours but I'm having a hard time calling it grey.  It looks more like a light blue.  Something like this.

I know that the rooms all need art, fabrics and accessories before the colour will come to life so I'm being patient.  This fabric is definitely speaking to me and begging to be turned into curtains in my newly painted space.  I think this might pull the grey right out of the paint colour.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Create a Striped Wall

Before we moved I was given specific instructions by my 13-year-old son.  "I don't want my room looking all designer-y."  That was my instruction.  I offered to paint graffiti on his  I offered to paint a bike scene because he's an avid mountain  I offered to stencil words relating to  Finally, I begged and pleaded and he agreed to let me paint stripes on ONE wall.  

Before doing any of the painting I measured the height of the wall and came up with a scheme that worked to accommodate the height.  In this case I basically have a small stripe in the centre of the wall that is surrounded on top and bottom by 2 equal, wide stripes of alternating colour.  Each of the stripes has a small stripe of the alternate colour in the centre.  I sketched it onto paper and added dotted lines to show which side of the line the tape should sit.  

The most important tool for success in creating horizontal stripes is a level.  I can't even imagine attempting this without one.  I measured down to the bottom of the first stripe, marked it off and then used the level to create the line across the wall.  Repeat to the bottom.  

Once you complete all the lines start adding your tape.  Remember when the stripe is the base colour you need to add the tape above the line rather than below.  This will allow you to paint the colour onto the second stripe below.

If you're a little sleepy or your mind is wandering I suggest you come back another day.  This part requires astute concentration so as not to paint the wrong colour in the wrong place.  Hopefully you use a paint that is one coat only and then you can remove the tape immediately.  This helps to avoid peeling the paint when you remove the tape.


1.  I recently had a discussion with Barb about the best tape for painting stripes.  I love Frog tape and used it today with much success.  She recently painted black stripes on a wall and had a terrible experience with Frog Tape. Her paint required more than one coat and I guess Frog tape wasn't the right tape for paint that is going to dry and receive a second coat.  She used the blue tape and thought it worked best for her in this case.

2.  I have heard a lot of discussion about the headache of trying to keep vertical stripes straight and spacing them evenly across the wall.  If you want stripes but are lazy like me and want to get in done asap then go for horizontal.  I did this whole thing in 2 hours.

So there's a sneak peek at the boy's room.  Once the rest of the place is un-decorated I'll give you a tour.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Go for Gold

Oh yeah, it's hot.  Gold is the go-to for accessories today but sometimes you come across something that makes all the other gold look drab in comparison.  Not only are these fabulous examples of how to use gold in your home but all of these are diy projects.  Say no more.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kelly Green - Strong & Sassy Colour

You probably know by now that kelly green aka emerald green is hot, hot, hot for both interiors and fashion.  I think it would be a tricky colour to work with but can be remarkable if done well.  My thoughts are that a very neutral palette would work best with this because I am definitely of the opinion that kelly green doesn't play nice with too many other colours.

Let's take a little tour of kelly green shall we...

If an entire room in kelly green seems too daunting why not try just a pop of kelly green with an accessory.  

Vase  Pillow  Lamp  Chair   Stool  Dishes

If you feel brave enough to paint some walls in kelly green here's a great option.
Jade Green (Benjamin Moore) 2037-30
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