Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Guest Post - Hyphen Interiors

Well it's Christmas Eve and the anticipation for the big day couldn't be higher around here.  Tonight we are sharing a fabulous seafood extravaganza with good friends including our friend's mother and 97-year-old grandmother.  How special is that!  Tomorrow we'll be our own little family Christmas.

Today I'm guest posting over at Hyphen Interiors where I share my ideal Christmas.  You probably know Kristy from her fabulous Painted Chair makeover.  She's a talented designer who is currently moving to a new home so there will be lots of great projects coming up in 2012.  

Go here to visit and take a sneak peek at what I would do to make the perfect Christmas party.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm on Christmas Vacation Already!

The kids finished school on Friday for the Christmas break.  I would really like to have a word with the person who decided that it was a good idea to have the kids at home for 10 days before Christmas!!!

This is the gorgeous chalet we are in right now for a 5 day ski vacation.

There's going to be a whole lot of this going on this week.

And the apres ski is just as much fun.

I'm going to enjoy the time because I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet so I'll be hitting the stores on the 23rd and 24th when I get home.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bloggers are the Best Kind of People

Most of us bloggers put aside time each week to go and read other blogs that we enjoy and leave comments. It's part of the deal when you want to build a network of like-minded followers.  Often before I comment I'll peruse the other comments.  This week I realized something that I hadn't necessarily taken note of before. Bloggers support each other like you just don't see in any other profession or activity.

The design business is fiercely competitive and people guard their best tips with their lives. Not bloggers.  We do something and then we post every single step including our trials and tribulations so that others won't have the same difficulties.

Once our projects or thoughts are posted, bloggers stop by and read and then they take the time to leave warm and encouraging comments.  There's no jealousy or spitefulness.  Nobody leaves comments saying things like "I'm pretty sure I can make one of those better than that lousy piece of junk" or "what on earth inspired you to do that!".  Bloggers tell you how great your project looks or what an insightful thought you just had. Obviously bloggers all had mothers who stressed the importance of not saying anything if there's nothing nice to say.  

I've had emails from bloggers who have read about difficulties I'm having with a project.  They offer support, suggestions and sources.  I also recently received a gift from a blogger that I've never met.  Not a giveaway that I won but an actual gift, with handmade wrapping and a cute gift tag (thank you Beatrice).  Is there any doubt at all that bloggers are the nicest people!!  

Thanks to all of you who make my week with your inspiring and supportive comments.  You really do make my day!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Im Making an Upholstered Headboard

Uh huh, yes I am.  The lovely fabric that I've been talking about for ages has arrived.  The reason it took so long is that by the time I got around to ordering it, the local supplier had stopped carrying it.  I ordered it from and give them props for quick over-the-border delivery.  It was a negligible shipping fee and the fabric is made in the US so no customs.  Who says cross border shopping isn't easy?

How cute are the birds?

And the butterflies?

This fabric is going to be used to make an upholstered headboard but I'm dizzy from the options.  This one is my all-time favourite although level of difficulty looks to be a 10/10.

Here's another favourite and another 10/10 for difficulty I think.

At least I'm consistent in what I like
I'm hoping to complete this some time over the holidays.  Wish me luck!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Christmas DIY Projects

Along with the pillow I showed you last week I 've also been whipping up a couple of other diy  projects for the Christmas season.  These are both inspired by other bloggers.  What did our mothers ever do for inspiration without blogs or pinterest???

First is yet another set of Christmas pillows.  I made these last year but I wasn't a blogger so there is no photographic evidence of it.

 Thanks to Centsational Girl for the instructions on this easy pillow.  There is some sewing involved so if you're sew adverse you might have to get out some fabric glue and see how that works.

Next up is the Christmas ornament wreath created by designer extraordinaire, Eddie Ross.  Go here for instructions.

My new favourite colour combination is lavender, turquoise and red!!

So what are you making for the holidays?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pantone Colour of the Year 2012

It's that time again colour lovers.  The time when the illustrious global colour expert, Pantone, sets their Colour of the Year announcement for the upcoming year.  And the winner for 2012 is...Tangerine Tango.

"Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive" is how Pantone's executive director describes this year's winner.  Scrumpdelicious is how I describe it.  I love how electric it is and rather than being overwhelmingly orange it's toned way down with red.

How will you be incorporating tangerine tango into your life?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Add Coat Hooks to Your Hallway

I've never owned a new construction home before so maybe this is typical but we have a strange little alcove beside the front hall closet that is was a useless space. It was calling my name and begging for a makeover.  I decided to add an area for the kids to hang wet coats and footwear on "those"days when the stuff is too wet to go straight to the closet.

I forgot to take a photo before I started but here is one from our tour before we bought the house.  Ugly, I know but don't judge, people.  Shortly I'll be showing you the before and after of this area.

Here's how it all went down.

1.  Mark off your stripes to be painted and tape (hello, Frog Tape!).

 Painting stripes is a bit mindless so I added a B to the areas to be painted black just to keep me on track.

2.  Paint and remove tape.  I still maintain that success with crisp stripes is in removing the tape immediately after your final coat is applied.

3.  I found some 4 1/2" wood in our garage but use whatever you have.  Cut to size keeping in mind that the sides need to be shorter by the thickness of the wood on the back wall.  Prepare the walls with anchors and pre-drill the wood, then paint.

4.  Add your hooks.  I was toying with the idea of adding drawer pulls (as you can see from the photo above) but I thought my kids might end up with coats on the floor so stayed on plan with the hooks.

My Thoughts -- I could have added more hooks on the sides but I didn't want the area to be cluttered.  3 hooks works perfectly without the area being overrun with "stuff".  

Here I get to showcase my favourite little pieces including the cat sketch created for us by our 13-year-old family friend.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Lust List

I thought maybe it would be helpful to just put it out there.  So honey, this is what I want if you're stuck for gift giving ideas this Christmas.

Ski Chalet

Welcome to The Design Pages' newest sponsor, Flutter Flutter.  You are likely familiar with Rosa's Juju hat that she featured on her blog earlier this year.  It received much well deserved recognition.  If you love it and want to know where to get it you can visit her etsy shop Flutter Flutter studio.  There is also a selection of unique and one of a kind Christmas cards for those looking for something lovely for the season.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make an Advent Calender

Last Christmas I was not a blogger (gasp!) but I did read blogs.  I came across Centsational Girl's tutorial for a Manzanita Advent Tree and made one for our home.   Of course I didn't photograph it because I wasn't blogging and really, who photographs their crafts unless they're bloggers!

The beauty of this is that it can be reused year after year with just a top up of goodies.

I decided to hang us on a Norwegian Pine tree but I'm not loving the look.  I guess I'll try to track down some branches today.  Update coming soon!

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