Friday, March 2, 2012

Giveaway Winner & A Birthday

TGIF people!  I promised you that each Friday would feature an easy project but I got a little sidetracked.  Yesterday my baby turned 11.  It was definitely low key but it was also definitely a fun time and of course there was a little diy action involved as well so I'll share and call these my Friday projects, okay.  Be nice and play along.

1.  Birthday banner

2.  This birthday cake was described as being the fluffiest cake ever.  Once I bought all the ingredients I discovered that there was a warning about the difficulty level.  Oh well, I baked it anyway.  It did NOT get fluffy but it was damn good and this is from a savoury-not-sweet gal.  Here's the link in case you love vanilla cake and need to have some of your own...Vanilla Cake & Icing

3.  Major mom points with this easy idea.  Dip the glass in icing and then roll in sprinkles!

So now on to the giveaway winner.  Congratulations Sarah!!  I am envious and want to hear what you buy:)

For those of you who didn't win you can use this code provided by Shabby Apple to receive 10% off a purchase - thedesignpages10off

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ooh i want a sprinkle-tini!
    happy bday to your baby! :)

  2. Pass along our wishes for a happy birthday and great year to the newly 11 yr old! You called the celebration low key but the banner, cake, and "drinks" looked very festive and family fun.

    Never saw the fireplace before ... love the arched alcove and the texture of the surround ... what's the material?

    Happy weekend!


  3. Oh, you are a good mom! Sprinkle-tinis - very cool... AND you made the cake! This mom cops out on the cake :-| were so right in your tweet to wonder where the time has gone - my baby just drove to school by herself for the first time today... and my heart is still pounding :-0

    Have a great weekend, Carol! And congratulations to the lucky winner, Sarah!!!

  4. Birthday's definitely have a way of taking over all other plans, don't they! You did good! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Sprinkletini.......must add this to the birthday round-up this week-end!

    Happy birthday to your spawn! :)

  6. Love the banner and the birthday cake - even if it isn't as fluffy as it should be, it still looks yummy! And sprinkles on the glass rim = genius :-)

    Thanks for checking out the new blog!


  7. Happy birthday to your daughter, she's growing up! Bonus points for the fancy adornment on the glasses.

  8. Congrats Sarah and happy bday to your daughter Carol. I love the banner and that cake is making my mouth water. Is Sarah going to share with us what she is going to buy?

  9. Congrats Sarah!
    Oh wow exciting that your baby turned 11!!! What a milestone ;)

  10. That cake looks yummy! Not great for my diet!

  11. Cute ideas for the big birthday! The cup with sprinkles is adorable. And let's talk about your fireplace!!

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter! And that sprinkles on the glass idea is genius!

  13. not sure if I should introduce the kids to those sprinkle-rims! Hope the day was wonderful - x


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