Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sherwin Williams Chip It - An Unsolicited Opinion

We have all heard that the best way to design a room is to begin with an inspiration piece, like a painting or a carpet and then pull a paint colour from that.  Not always an easy task because the colour is often so intertwined that it's impossible to pull out your favourite.

Sherwin Williams has come to the rescue with a new online tool called Chip It!  You can immediately turn any photo or image into a colour palette and identify the Sherwin Williams equivalent colour.  You download their app and it sits on your dashboard.  When you come across an image you like, you just click on the "Chip It" button (a la "Pin It" for Pinterest).

This beautiful piece of art is by one of my most beloved artists, Samantha Walrod and it's a piece that I was hoping would win the heart of a client.  Imagine how easy decorating would be if you just chose your art and then pulled out your wall colour perfectly.  Wait a minute, that might be VERY bad for business.

You might not want to paint the room in Lusty Red but it would definitely be helpful to have a paint chip in hand if you wanted to mat this lovely photo and could use the chip at the framing shop.  A wee bit of a time saver versus going through the trillions of mats in the store.

I am often out in nature and finding myself blown away by the colours around me.  There has been more than once that I wanted to pull over to the side of the road and pull out my colour deck to check the colour of the crimson leaves on a tree or the grey-blue of the sky. This makes it just a teensy bit easier for me to do that (without causing major traffic accidents).

Visit the Chip It site here to download the app.  


  1. That's pretty cool! {I wonder if there's a phone app for that?}

  2. ColorSnap is the mobile app equivalent. You take a picture and then tap the picture to find the corresponding paint color. Then it gives you two coordinating ones as well. Free for iPhone and Android

  3. Very cool ...... I suck at picking colors. I am good at picking out colors I like but they don't necessarily look good up on the wall or with anything else in the room. This is a good thing, thanks for passing on AND have a wonderful long weekend!!

  4. Ooh very useful and great to pick out colors that may not immediately jump out at you

  5. I saw the flyer in the mail about this, and it sounds like a fabulous idea! If I could take a picture of my favorite rooms in magazines and find out the wall colors are that would be ideal!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I think it will come in handy with all sorts of projects!


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