Friday, July 27, 2012

London Calling

Well today is the opening day for the London Olympics.  Are you a fan?  Winter Olympics are my preference but I"m sure I'll be situated in front of the tv for many of these events as well.

British design has been all the rage for a while now and I imagine it will continue long after the Olympics are finished.

Get your very own special Olympic limited edition print.

I love me some bull dog (don't tell my pug!)

I know you've seen a hundred different versions of this dresser.  Are you sick of it yet?  I hope not.

Lizzie in pink.  I'm a fan

Let the games begin!


  1. We can't wait for it to start! We are big fans in this house. Just this minute Juli asked when do they start? Where is the schedule. The kids used to swim competitively in Virginia and they competed against some clubs that had Olympic Swimmers in 2008!

  2. So much fun! Great London- themed finds!!

  3. I loooovvee summer olympics. go canada!!

  4. I love the Queen pillow! I am totally into the Olympics, too.

  5. I watched part of the Opening Ceremonies last night! Yay for a good excuse to sit on my rear and watch other people exercise. :P

  6. I love all of it!!! Secretly .... the Canadian flag is fabulous but I kinda liked it when we had the Union Jack too.

  7. Cute post! Love the bulldog art, since my daughter has one, and we love her. Thanks for stopping to see our blog Carol! Best of luck!

  8. Have not seen much of it yet. Love this dresser, the Brits do that Union Jack classic cool so well

  9. We're catching bits and pieces here and there - my have-to-watch sport is ladies gymnastics, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for that! But seriously, I don't mind catching a little bit of everything. There's such a buzz, and the athletes are incredible! I enjoy the Winter Olympics, too. Got a chuckle out of 'Lizzie' :-)

  10. Carol - im with ya! I love it! my english bulldog loves it too :)


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