Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Painted Ceilings & My Favourite Greige

Today I am a busy blogger.  You can find me guest posting at 2 different spots.  First up I'm talking about painted ceilings over at Interior Groupie.

Here's my favourite painted ceiling of all time.  Respect for whoever had to take on that back breaking job.

Next, I'm over at Hyphen Interiors.

Kristie is hosting a fun series where she asks a number of bloggers to reveal their go-to greige.  There are six of us over there today so pop by and see what you think.  Also let me know if you have a favourite greige.


  1. Love that photograph! The preppy stripe and poppy colour combo are amazing!!!

  2. I definitely have a thing for painted ceilings! I love that image and my heart goes out to the painter! I could never do it. Thanks for linking and for participating!

  3. Great painted ceiling! I can't imagine the hours and patience that went into it.

  4. You're a busy lady!

    Not as busy as that person that painted those stripes. My neck hurts just thinking about that!

  5. I have a ton of respect for the painter of that ceiling! Love it, but I'm pretty sure DIYing that one is not on my 'to do' list ;-)

    And your go-to greige is really pretty - I can see how it would be a winner! But then... If you're recommending it, of course it is!!! :-)

  6. I'd be hiring someone if I wanted to put stripes on the ceiling! ;) Have a great weekend! If it's hot here I can only imagine how hot it is where you are!

  7. Busy lady! that is a wonderful thing!
    Love your images. I am done painting ceilings- my neck is killing me!


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