Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Vancouver Chronicles - Whistler

It's been a LONG time since I wrote a Vancouver Chronicles post.  Mostly because I don't live there any more (although you wouldn't know it by the amount of time I've spent there this summer).  

Most of you probably became aware of Whistler when they hosted the last winter Olympics.  What you may not know is that Whistler is a summer playground as well.  

The number 1 summertime activity is mountain biking.  Whistler has 4,900 vertical feet of lift operated runs.  My son has been in Whistler since August 1 and has been riding every single day.  It's mountain biking Nirvana.

Freestyle riding is also a favourite past-time in Whistler.  As a mom of a rider I can tell you that the proper description is "ride as fast as you can, ride over a wooden thingymabob that sends you flying in the air and then do as many back or front flips as humanly possible while also trying to add side turns known as corkscrews and kicking your legs to the side of the bike".  Yes, that's the official definition, trust me!  
This is my boy.  I've said it before...why can't he just golf???

If biking isn't your thing you can try something a little tamer like golfing.  

Lots of great hiking with spectacular views all around.

You can take bear viewing tours although you don't need to spend money.  The bears are everywhere and while they won't approach you, they're not afraid of all the humans around.  Last summer we heard screams of "bear" as we walked through one of the parking lots.  We looked around and there was a huge bear galloping through the lot with a Whistler employee chasing it back into the forest.  This was probably the 5th bear we had seen that day.

Ziplining is another fun family activity and there's lots of it in Whistler.

If you're tired after all that activity, there is a ton of shops, bars and restaurants to spend the rest of your time in.  

Believe it or not, I was NOT compensated by the Whistler Tourism Board.  I just love it, that's all.


  1. I lived up there for a short time while my hubby was working on one of the main hotels, being built. i can remember vividly the mountain bike race, and how insanely dangerous it was. The other cool thing was when the foreign long term tourist went back home the did not bring the ski/snowboarding eqipment home with them. They laid out their year old equipment out by the dumpsters free for the taking. Had my kids been older and bigger we would not have had to buy one piece og equipment. i did take some and resold it, though. IT was time to move on and we never used it. Can you imagine leaving all that behind?

  2. You SAW A BEAR??? I was looking and looking and saw none. I saw the crazy mountain bikers you are a good mama...i would overly smother my kid if he wanted to try it! whistler was more beautiful than I thought. Next time I go back I will zipline for sure!

  3. I love the way the downtown looks. Did you take that pic of the bear? I'm assuming you used a telephoto lens :)

  4. I haven't been up to Whistler in a loooooong time!!! I'm thinking by the time I do finally get up there this year, I'll be snowboarding. I must go up before the summer ends, really now.

  5. We love Whistler, winter and summer. My hubs and son were up biking the other day, had their Go-Pros on filming themselves biking - love that my son in now faster than my husband! But the injuries from that craziness, thought A broke his hand, lucky for him it was just a bad bruise - phew! See you tomorrow~

  6. Wow! Your kid can really ride! Only a little scary, I bet! ;)

  7. Looks so beautiful! I hav eonly been up there the the rain. ha Not the best experience, but it looks just gorgeous. And your boy is a brave one...


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