Thursday, November 8, 2012

I"m a Loser. No, Wait...Make that a Winner!

Do you know what the most valuable traits of a thrifter, antiquer or general bargain hunter are?  It's a keen eye and the ability to pull the trigger on a deal.  I think I have a pretty good eye but I'm not an impulsive person.  I like to think about things and this does not bode well for me when I find something at a thrift store.  Something like, um, a down filled sofa that could have been recovered and become the envy of all my friends and family.  You know where I"m going with this, right?  I went back after sleeping on it and it was sold.  Sad face.  Very, very sad face.  

I also decided against the teak table and chairs because I allowed my logical brain to win this fight.  I don't like to worry about stains.  My reputation as chill mom and chill entertainer were at risk here, people.  So, I'm 0 for 2  for last weekend's finds.


So enough of the loser stuff.  After picking myself up off the ground when I saw that my beloved sofa had been sold I spotted 6 Thonet Bentwood style cane dining chairs.  I thought they would be pretty cute cleaned up and painted and I also thought they would give the family a place to plant butts during meals.

 Our new temporary chairs

A quick web search showed me just how cute these guys could be with a little paint.  So what should I do to beautify them?

1.  Paint Them and Remove Seat Pad

2.  Refinish Them and Remove the Seat Pad

3.  Paint Them and Recover the Seat Pad

4.  Refinish Them and Recover the Seat Pad

5.  Funkify (Different Bentwood Chair but Same Idea)


  1. I am loving painted black but keep the caning natural. Depending on comfort, I might even remove the seat pads.

  2. i love the black and natural, and definitely prefer the look without the seat, BUT with kids, i know how caning can go. sawyer put his knee through it once....
    i also love the funkify!

  3. what a score! I love them painted. And even though they look cute without the seat, they would be comfier with the seat and more durable with little ones. :)

  4. What a fun find! I like them best without the seat pad, too!

  5. Leave and recover the seat pads with kids. Trust me :) FUNKIFY! Cool fabric and a fun colour may be just the thing. Nice score lady.

  6. If navy is the new black I say make an IKAT lumbar cushion in one of the stunning blues and leave them as they are....but then thats me & I live with stuff (maybe too long!) b4 I do anything with them!
    Is there actually cane under the vinyl?...replaceing vintage cane with new is tricky cuz the two tones may not mesh!
    Either way they are wonderful!

  7. Nice score! I vote for painted and (possibly) padded, for the comfort and kid factor. If one little cane pokes loose, you know little fingers will pick, pick, pick at it.

  8. I like painted with caning seats set free, and I can go either way on the caning re: natural or painted. Depends on how the natural looks with the table at this point... But how about this. Recover the seats, too, and swap out your look/comfort as you need to? Depending of course, on how easy the seats are to set in and remove. Just blue-skying the options ;-)

    Good for you on the table and chairs decision... A great set, but not worth losing the chill mom reputation! No piece of furniture is ever worth that in the end!

  9. I like them all. ~super helpful blog reader

    Sorry you lost the potentially bug ridden couch.

  10. Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is gorgeous! I've signed up for e-mails. Have a great day! :)

  11. I love them as they are - especially with that blue. Having said that the yellow ones at the bottom are very very cool.

  12. Hi Carol! If you can't use the blue chair pads, that I really like, then I'd refinish them and leave them in their original state.
    Don't worry, you'll find another sofa, just be patient!!! hahahh- so hard, I know.
    Good luck.
    xo Nancy

  13. Paint them!! Either add a new seat cushion or go without. Just my two cents:)

  14. I love the look without the seat pad but if I were actually using them, I'd be very pro-seat-pad. They are super cute!

  15. I love them natural, but with kids in mind, I would paint them a fun colour and keep the seat cushions (in some pretty but very wipeable fabric)!

  16. I love it black with cane either natural or black .... maybe no seat cover.... Love 'em.

  17. Great finds!! I know exactly what you mean!!! I am in a bold kind of mood so I say pick a color and let er rip!!!

  18. SHUT-UP! I am soooo jealous now.... yes to paint. I painted mine, but they aren't real Thonet chairs. Kerry from First Time Fancy scored Thonet chairs and painted them a beautiful blue.

  19. Wow, How I love the way it is transformed. It is really a great transformation.

  20. I love a story with a happy ending :)
    All your options would be terrific, really. It might depend on what else you've got going on in the room.
    I scored two Thornet rockers over the summer and decided to keep them as-is. The natural blond wood color really started to grow on me.


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