Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make an Easy Christmas Pillow

**Full Disclosure** - This is a project I did last year and I"m reposting it (gasp!).  It's not out of laziness but I really did have a couple of people ask about the directions so an effort to be giving and kind during the holidays I am obliging.  I do not hate the fact that I have a post for you and may otherwise have not.

Well the Christmas season is officially upon us and I'm going to kick it off with a fun diy pillow project.  It's definitely festive and just about as simple as you can get.

Supplies Needed:

Pre-made pillow cover
Felt or other stiff material
Small piece of brown or black fabric
Fabric Glue

Step 1
Create a cardboard template that is approximately 1 1/2".  Using the template, trace the circle onto the felt and cut out.  This project required 28 circles.

Step 2
Working with one circle at a time, place a dot of glue at the end and pinch the circle together.  Hold the end of the circle together until the glue is dry enough that it will stick together.  This should only be a few seconds.

Step 3
Using pins to secure your work to the pillow form, lay out the circles in a line at the bottom and decrease the number of circles in each row until you reach the top.

Step 4
Once you have a pattern that you like, start gluing the circles in place.  Using a second, lighter fabric make a trunk for the tree and glue in place.

TIP - The success of this project relies on the circles staying glued together.  Buy the very best fabric glue available.


  1. Your pillows are pretty! Is that white one from Ikea? (I have those in beige and in black... they are fantastic pillows!) I liked your tree on there too, that's festive!

  2. super cute! i love the red against the white and love it paired with houndstooth!

  3. Very cute! (I think you left a window open, it's snowing in your house!) ;)

  4. Loved the pillow then, and still do now! Great tutorials are never old!!!

  5. Super cute, and I love that houndstooth pillow too!

  6. Lovely pillow..I would love to invite you to join my blog for a christmas pillow linky party. Please do come and join Thank you


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