Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bits and Bites

Happy Friday!!  It's been a busy week and I am very happy to see the weekend.  Here's what I'm thinking about this week.


One of my resolutions this year is to learn Photoshop Elements 11.  So far I"m off to a VERY bad start.  I purchased the downloadable version but unknowingly downloaded a windows version so of course it won't work on my mac.  Then I tried to correct that mistake and started downloading a German version.  Eventually I had to contact a rep who informed me that I can't download a windows and mac version so they have sent me a disk.  Quite honestly, I'm afraid to even put the disk in my computer.


The pantry is always undergoing some organizational changes.  I recently found these wire racks during a trip to Wally Mart and I can't believe how they've quickly become my favourite tool in the pantry.


Friday is the last day for entering the 5 days of giveaways over at The Bright Box's facebook page.  Here's what our last and final giveaway and it's perfect for the young or the young at heart.  The winner will be announced at 10:00 pm PST so head over before that and enter.


I never thought I'd make this decision but I have had to put a word verification on my comments section of the blog.  I have been inundated with comments from Anonymous lately.  You know those pesky commenters who are there to push their goods.  Often the comment isn't even in English.  I'm hoping it's a short term thing and I can turn it back off as soon as the spammers that are sending these leaves my blog alone.  Sorry for the annoyance.  


Cassie from Primitive & Proper has been awarded the Smartest Blogger I Know award for letting me know that there's a way to ward off pesky anonymous comments without having to enable the word verification.  If you are using a Blogger platform here's how you do it...Design--Settings--Posts & Comments--Deselect Anyone and chose another setting to block anonymous users from commenting.  Yay!!

I wish you all a happy weekend.


  1. Love your organization. Go pantry! I hate ANANYMOUS. Word verification is such a pain. Hope it doesn't last long.

  2. i think you can block anonymous but still not have word verification- i don't have word verification, but i also don't allow anonymous comments for the same reasons. i know there is a way.

  3. I'm totally right there with you in learning Photoshop - although I am trying Lightroom instead of Elements. It's like a whole new language, isn't it? So far I have viewed quite a few different tutorial videos through Youtube and have found them amazingly helpful. Good luck! (and if worse comes to worse maybe you could learn how to tweak your photos and learn German all at the same time!).

  4. Whoa. That Cassie. Lady has it all. I've been getting a bazillion anonymous lately. I usually just delete them but I just changed my little ol' settings.

    PSE is annoying. It really should be easier to use. I'm slowly improving but usually have to bother the husband to help me. Good luck. ;)

  5. Love using racks in my cupboards! But I've never used the stepped one... Do you love it?? And how's that disk working out? ;-) Heading over now to check out the giveaway! Have a great weekend!!! xo

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  7. Or "bits that byte" for the software topic ... I say install PE 11 for Mac when the disk arrives, I recently upgraded to that version on my Mac and all is well ... I might even be able to answer questions if you have any :) And I'll have to check out Cassie's tip to block the anon folk; I get way more of those comments than earnest comments and I've been dealing with it through comment approval {I just delete them and don't allow them to post to my blog} but I'd much rather they simply vanish without taking any of my time. I thought I tried something like those software options once before though only to learn via email from some **real** folks that they were blocked from commenting. Happy weekend. Robin

  8. I am laughing over your photoshop situation! I downloaded a 'free trial' and then couldn't even figure out how to 'try it'! It was a disaster! I'll be looking forward to hearing how the actual 'disk' is. Smiles to you!

  9. I need to organize myself. I also need to get a good handle on my DSLR I got last year. I've just been hit with a ton of spam too - I hate word verification so I'm glad to know I can solve it another way. Hope you get your photoshop sorted! :)

  10. Some of my friends use the anon button though so I can't get entirely rid of it. Like you I hate putting people through that word thingy which is often unreadable on blogspot - incredible! Good on you for at least trying Photoshop - would love to learn that, I can barely crop and still can't see how to do collages!

  11. I have had PSE 10 for probably a couple of years now and just gave up - so confusing! But know I need to spend time on it this year. Would love to find an online tutorial or a class.

  12. Sorry about your Photoshop "adventure". I've been playing around with it and there's quite a learning curve (especially since I don't have a ton of time to devote). Let us know if you figure out any cool techniques while you're learning.


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