Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Organized with Emily A. Clark

First, I wanted to take a second to thank all of you who joined in for the lively discussion that resulted after my last post "Are You a Slave to your Blog".  I think it's great for bloggers to put it all out there once in a while and we sure did that.

Today, I'm over at the lovely Emily A. Clark's blog where I'm offering up one of my tips for Kitchen Organization.
I'm still obsessed with these jars I painted last year and I love how organized my pantry still is because of them.

Emily's going to have oodles of ideas about how you can get more organized so get over there...


  1. I've finally started putting the jars I've been 'hoarding' to pantry use! There was a time I recycled all my glass jars, then came the time to save them 'just because' they might come in handy for a DIY, to the present mantra of 'use it or lose it!' I never thought to paint the lids! Thank you for spurring me on - I shall now be upping my hoarding ante :-)

  2. I never thought of painting the lids- I have to try that idea!

  3. Ah yes, kitchen organization ..... I do get excited about this topic! Have a wonderful weekend Carol!

  4. you smart cookie! It never dawned on me to paint the lids! Heading over to see your post... xo


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