Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make a Black Frame Shine

I don't quite know how this happened but I have about 100 black picture frames sitting around the house.  In spite of what it looks like I have never been entitled to an Ikea discount and I have never worked in an art gallery.  Rather than donating all of them I thought I'd try and give a few of them a new lease with some paint and stripes.

What I used:

- Plain black frame
- Frog Tape painter's tape
- Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding

How To Do It:

1. Tape all the way across the width of your frame.  I think this gives you the perfect balance at the end as opposed to trying to eyeball where the tape goes.

2. Cut the tape in the centre and tuck underneath the frame.

3. Use your liquid gilding or any other paint you're using and paint the areas that aren't taped off.

4. Pull the tape off immediately before the paint dries so you don't end up pulling paint when you remove the tape.

I actually really disliked this print in a plain black frame (booooring!) but I love it like this.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. Very cool results! I'll give Frog Tape a try!

  2. Great idea! It adds just the right amount of pizzazz! {gosh, does anyone use that word anymore?} :)

  3. so elegant!!! i love it! gold makes it all better.

  4. You have the best ideas and I can almost always apply them to my home ... I too have tons of black frames and needed a little extra-extra-somethin' on one or two hanging in my dining room. Thanks to you I now have the answer :)

  5. It's crazy how much a touch like this can make such a huge difference! Your gallery is awesome, BTW... J'adore ça! :-)

  6. You gave that frame the little punch of something it needed. Love that gold product from Martha. Still have quite a bit leftover from my last project and really want to use it again- you have me thinking!

  7. So much fun ....... gosh, the possibilities are unless!!! Love love love.

  8. I love the black and gold gallery wall. So classy!

  9. awesome idea...I have a gallery wall with all black frames and was trying to figure out how to change it up! This is perfect

  10. This adds so much character. I love what you have done :) You would never know those are ikea frames :)


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