Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Curtain Tricks

There is no doubt that Ikea is a great place to buy curtains.  They're a great length, they're durable and they're super inexpensive.  Win, win, win.  I don't really love tab tops though and that is a bit of a problem with Ikea curtains.

Did you know it's super easy to change a tab top curtain to a pocket curtain?

All you need is a basic stitch ripper.

Pull out the stitches at both ends where the curtain top is folded over.

 Getting as close to the seam as possible and using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the tabs off.

 And that is all there is to that.  A hidden pocket lies inside every tab top curtain.
Come back tomorrow and see where these transformed panels have ended up.


  1. Very clever, Carol! I bought a tab curtain from Ikea and cut the tabs off and hung the curtain from Ikea curtain clips, but I like your idea better.
    Have a great day,

  2. Love your added touch of the ric-rac trim! Another option for modifying a tab top, and I've done this with IKEA curtains too, is to create a (hidden) back tab style that looks like a pleated drape. Moving across the header, fold the tabs so they lay against the wrong side of the curtain and the "top" of the tab is pointing towards the bottom of the curtain. Press the tabs especially at the header seam so they lay good and flat. On each tab stitch across both "ends" of the tab so it's attached to the curtain. Slide the curtain through those back loops and hang. From the front the curtain now has soft, modern pleats / folds ... as long as the loops you sew are larger than the rod used, the curtains can still move to open / close.

  3. Great idea! I need to head to IKEA for some curtains for the dining room, you just made my day. :)

  4. I'm with you on the tab top, and that IKEA still stays true to them! Great tutorial, and lots of curiousity on where oh where these curtains might be :-) The colour of the rick rack is awesome!

  5. Thanks for to that handy-dandy tip! I don't like tab tops. Excited to see where your newly transformed curtains end up!

  6. I'm a huge fan of Ikea drapes! I prefer them with rings so since they are always so long, I just cut the tab off and fold it over, iron it and add the rings. Easy peasy and you don't even have to sew them if you don't want to!

  7. So much better! I get mad at tab-top curtains.

  8. Clever. Too bad my nearest IKEA is 5 hours away. Wait, maybe that's a good thing! :P Hugs.

  9. Great idea! I've bought many IKEA drapes and what i did with the tabs was to just fold them over to the back and tack them down (I've even used safety pins when I'm lazy!). Essentially it creates a loop at the back to feed the pole through without a gathered look. :)

  10. You're one smart cookie!! I'm with you...don't like the tabs but love the price!

  11. These curtains are great deal! These curtains are really nice. The quality is good, especially with the panel on the back. Really blocks out sun. They are a great price for the product.


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