Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make a Window Valance (With Foam Core & Duct Tape)

Yup, you read that correctly.  I did indeed make a window valance using foam core and duct tape.  Why did I do that?  Because I was too lazy to go to Home Depot and have wood cut.  That and I have some experience with building things from foam core.  One of my design classes involved creating a masterpiece model using only foam core and pins.  It was one of my favourite projects and I'm always looking for ways to build new and exciting things with this stuff. 

Damn you blinding light for messing up my photo:(

How To

1.  Measure your window and make sure if there is a curtain rod hanging that you measure to go around the end of the rod. I used 3 pieces of foam core and using a box cutter I cut it to the height I wanted.

2.  Tape all your pieces together.

3.  Create a paper template based on the shape you want your valance to end up being.  I just used old Christmas wrapping paper and started sketching until I found the curves that I like.
* I forgot to photograph this step but in order to create the sides of the valance measure 6 or 8 inches on each side.  Score the foam core cutting the top layer but not all the way through.  Bend it and it will create the fold you need for the sides.

 4.  One you have cut your template, trace the shape onto the foam core and cut.  Lay the foam core on top of your batting.  Fold over to the back and tape.

5. Repeat with fabric.  I also added some gros grain ribbon

6. Since my valance ended up being so long (almost 6 feet) I used a piece of scrap wood to reinforce it and give it strength.

7. I used picture hangers.  Just screw it straight into the foam core and then attach to the wall.  Stand back and be amazed at the beauty.

And that is how you turn the lowly foam core and duct tape into beautiful objects.


  1. Perfect! Why mess with it if it works, right? :) I love it!

  2. This looks so good. Who knew foam board had so many awesome uses? Carol. That's who.

  3. Well aren't you brilliant? I've made quite a few basic box valances out of plywood. I always have liked the look of a curvier one, but never feel like tackling the scroll saw....this is totally the solution! That and I love a good reason to use duct tape. Looks great.

  4. This looks fantastic! And it totally suits the headboard - such a pretty touch at the hands of duct tape and foamcore. Put down your drill boys! Carol's got this!! ;-)

  5. Brilliant, I made one out of wood - it was time consuming - had to get hubby to do it. Lots of grumbling, etc. Would have loved to have done it myself. Kudos to you girl!! xo

  6. I see nothing wrong with this project. I think it is thinking out of the box and works beautifully. Well done.

  7. This is so crazy brilliant! Love it :)

  8. Brilliant and cost effective too! Seriously, when are you getting your own TV show?

  9. Oh, you are such a cheater and I LOVE IT!!!

  10. I love your window treatment project. It’s as if you’re looking up the clear blue sky. It was a brilliant idea the fact that you only used foam core and duct tape. It’s easy to do and at a cut-rate cost. That would truly encourage others to try this too! Thanks for sharing this, Carol!
    Roxie Tenner @ Allure Window Treatments


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