Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Week in Photos and a Winner

Okay, well that turned out to be a longer absence than I expected.  It's Spring Break where I live and we decided to pull the kids out of school 3 days early and head off on a little road trip to Vancouver and Victoria.  Here's a peek at our week.


We rented a hotel room with a living room and kitchen and pretended that we actually live in a downtown high rise condo.  Before kids this was my reality and someday it will be again. You do that too, right?  This was the downtown view from one window.

And this was the mountain view from another.  For a city girl like myself it doesn't get any better than this.

Watching the planes take off with a gorgeous view of North Vancouver.  All this beauty while out strolling the sea wall in Coal Harbour.

Just in front of the train tracks where the sea bus arrives.
You can never, ever, ever go to Vancouver without making a pit stop at Granville Island.  It's the law.  Okay, it's not the law but it should be.

Sampling the macarons at a South Granville market.

And then all too soon it was time to board the ferry and be whisked away to Victoria.  


We arrived in time for a magnificent show of cherry blossoms everywhere.

Victoria is British Columbia's capital and these are the gorgeous parliament buildings sitting across the street from the harbour.

The stunning Fairmont Empress Hotel.  And did you know that palm trees can grow in Canada?  I bet a lot of you are surprised by that.

My most delicious lunch at Rebar, which is a vegetarian restaurant that wowed even my non-vegetarian boys.

I was amazed at how much this reminded me of Scotland.  

I love the abundance of brick buildings in Victoria, especially Victorian style.  It's a rare thing in BC and for this Ontario girl it is heartwarming to be surrounded with all this Victorian loveliness.

If you see me on the street and I"m really cranky know you'll know why.  I want to go back!!

But on a positive note, the draw for the Spring Fling Bright Box did indeed happen.  Stephanie, you're the winner and I hope this brightens up your spring.


  1. Love Vancouver (although those crazy Real Housewives give it a bad name!). When I managed a boutique years ago we used to visit twice in the fall and spring for the garment market and shoe show. I really do miss it. Victoria looks lovely as well. I can see why you're disappointed you had to leave!

  2. Yay you came to Victoria! I love going to Rebar too - yummmmm. Congratulations to Stephanie too, lucky gal!

  3. Wow you got around! Lovely photos, you guys are adorable. Gosh I haven't been to Victoria in ages!!!! Have a great weekend Carol.

  4. Your photos tugged at my love-for-the-city heartstrings! Vancouver and Victoria are two of my favorite places to be... well, favorite within doable distance to my home! ;-) And Rebar, couldn't agree more - what a great place to have stumbled upon!! Congratulations to Stephanie - I have no doubt her day was brighter when she heard the news. Have a great weekend, Carol!!!

  5. Oh, seeing your photos made me realize I need to get to Victoria one of these days. It really is a beautiful city!

  6. Your pics are gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit BC and now I want to even more! As for your dream of condo living, believe me it's not all glamorous when you've got a stiletto wearing woman right above you!

  7. This post made me miss home so bad! I recognize your view in Vancouver :) I was that single downtown Van gal too! Love the palm tree...I forgot that Victoria was so tropical :)

  8. I would love to go to Victoria--ever since the Olympics! What a fun family trip and you and your daughter look adorable!
    xo Nancy

  9. Oh I adore that you took a hotel room and pretended that you live the downtown life!! (and your daughter is gorgeous)

    A HUGE thank you to you. Thrilled to have won your giveaway!

  10. What beautiful pictures! I need to get over to Victoria more, my parents live in Ladysmith so we always end up there instead. And I am with you on Granville Island - a must visit :) Glad you and your family enjoyed your trip. ~heather@grillfusion

  11. Aww, great photos! I LOVE Victoria! We took Alice there when she was 5 months old for her first vacation and it is just so pretty and relaxing! (you know it's relaxing if you can relax with a 5 month old ;)


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