Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Tie Dye

It's summertime and when you live in a beach community like I do, tie dye is pretty common. I don't think I'll be incorporating it into my wardrobe but I did think it would be fun for setting a summer table.

1. Something white
2. Rit dye (or any boxed tie dye kit)
3. Bottles for mixing the dye. The dollar store is great and ketchup and mustard bottles abound at this time of year.


1. Pinch the centre of your fabric and start pulling in a circular direction
2. Keep going until you have all your fabric rolled into a ball.
3. Wrap elastics around it to secure the shape.
4. Start adding the dye, making sure to get into the centre of the roll. Flip over and repeat.
5. Wrap in plastic and let it sit overnight so the dye will set.

I also had a tank top that was a little un-white so after saying I wouldn't wear it, I may change my mind.


  1. FUn! I've not seen this technique before. Hmmm, now you've got me thinking about cushions for my patio...

  2. I absolutely love anything tie dyed--it must be the teenager in me!!! A summer table is a brilliant idea.

  3. Fun! Used to love doing this in the summer time and seeing what the reveal would be.

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  5. taught my daughter how to do this during the summer, she was amazed that I knew how to do something "so hippie"! Made me smile. I would like to live in a place where tie dye was the norm, sounds wonderful..

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